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60th Film Festival Locarno

August 1-11, 2007
Locarno - Switzerland

PLAY is pleased to announce the collaboration with LA RADA in occasion of the 60th Film Festival Locarno.

.: Play-Forward / Installations:
Knut Åsdam / (#Psychasthenia 2+2)
Pierre Coulibeuf / (The Dark Side)

.: OFF-program:
Giona Bernardi
Ballads from our invisibles parks:
selection of 5 artists presented by Andrea Lissoni
Carlos Casas, John Duncan, Thomas Köner, Marcellvs L and Nico Vascellari

Opening: 2.8.2007 - H 18:00
From 2.8.2007 to 11.8.2007
Every day from 14:00 to 21:00

After several experiences with various Off events in connection with the Locarno Film Festival (Afterschoolspecial, Club, Wireless...), la rada – an indipendent art space based in Locarno – since the 59th edition of the Festival has become one of its partners. Two video installations will be presented in la rada exhibition spaces, as part of the festival’s video program Play Forward: #Psychasthenia 2+2 by the Norwich artist Knut Åsdam and The Dark Side by the French artist Pierre Coulibeuf. The intention of this collaboration is to open a dialogue between video art and its relation to the third dimension. Today it's difficult to neglect the fact that video installation is becoming an extension of pure cimema inside the real space; the fictional one of the cinema and its translation into the real environment. Both artists are working on the main idea of achitecture as a hidden structure of the cinematic language.
#Psychasthenia 2+2 is the second step of a series of works based on an aesthetical exaltation of the complex character of contemporary architecture with all the exploded forms of the actual and chaotic urban landscape. The title is inspired by a text of Roger Caillois published in the thirties in the surrealist magazine Minotaure. In this text, the author compares the mimicry of some insects to a type of schizophrenic psychic condition characterized as a depersonalization by assimilation to space. All the cycle Psychasthenia is based on the exasperation of the spontaneous languages of the metropolitan architectures and opposes the loss of the individual to the shining structures of the city which identity disappears in a schizophrenic sign system.   The Dark Side installation is part of a cross-disciplinary project that, in this case, brings together architecture, choreography, cinema, photography and video-installation. The work aims to create a space “on the border”. The artist plays with the idea of established roles, disciplines, genres or categories of the moving image. Into this game the rhythm play the central role, breaking down the linear perspective of any given object/subject against the narrative structure. The disinclination becomes their main characteristic. This other reality is made at times visible by obscure forces in the individual: the drive world, dark side, causes brusque disturbances to reality, multiple incidents, abrupt breaks of the narrative’s flow. The film’s reality is at the same time strange and familiar. Like little demons, the characters parody with drive the fictional stereotypes of cinema or films for the television (sitcom, etc.).
Ballads from our invisibles parks is the title of Andrea Lissoni’s video selection. The leading idea of this cycle is that music is dominating the process of today’s video works. Some of the most interesting artists representing this phenomenon are invited to present two of their more representative video works. Andrea Lissoni is one of the most italian experts in video art: professor at the Polytechnic School and at the Accademy of Arts in Milan, founder and co-director of the International Festival of Digital Art Netmage and of the network Xing.   La rada also invited Giona Bernardi to realize an animation to introduce the public to the exhibition. The work of this Ticino based artist is focused on underground comix and lately to video animation. The video installation presented in la rada spaces is a paranoiac mantra where images moves with an epileptic rhythm triggering to the public a powerful state of hypnosis. Inspired by the subliminal messages typically used in the advertising practices, the artist inverts the use of this method into an introverted form.

One of the primary aims of la rada is the development of a network of co-operations with other art spaces and equally with different art languages (in this instance, cinema). Therefore the interaction with the Locarno film festival is a fundamental achievement.

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