Fair Play: Video Art Festival - July 15-16, 2005 - A festival of young, great VIDEO ART!

Video Art Festival

A festival of young, great VIDEO ART!

July 15th - 30th, 2005

Friday, July 15th
5pm / welcome cocktail
6 - 8 pm / screenings

Saturday, July 16th
11 am - 8 pm / screenings
9 pm / "And the winner is..."

Wednesday - Saturday,
until July 30th

2 - 7 pm / screening of all the works
presented at the festival

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Dawn Kasper
Evil Series # 10 Deer Creek Road
Production year: 2003
Media: DVD

I am an observer, and an investigator. I take what I see in my everyday and make it mine. I create a reality that I find hard to manage and difficult to articulate. I learn as I go. I have a level of spontaneity related to my interests and impulses. I am however calculated and thought through. I seek a balance that does not exist. I relate to most of my everyday via emotional reactions towards generalized situations. I embrace hunger, and being hungry, both in a metaphysical sense and a literal sense. I hate, love, panic, fear. Society deems these emotions to be a sign of weakness. “You shouldn’t wear your frustrations on your sleeve”, “play it cool”, “Be normal”, and “act natural”. All too easy all too obvious, all of these emotions are meant to be private, for only a select few to experience. My work explores these emotions and these psychological breakdowns and turns them inot art. It’s all about business and being something that you want to be, not who you are. American society force-feeds my generation with this need to be better, look better, act better, taste better, clean better, drive better, work better, think better, feel better. My work investigates death, fear, panic, hate, envy, and lust. I find simplicity in overcomplicating my life. I am human.

Dawn Kasper lives and works in Los Angeles, CA (USA). Represented by Anna Helwing Gallery in LA, Dawn is primarily a performance artist, but investigates existing and created emotional structures and the body as an object using video, drawing, photography and sculpture. She has performed at the Migros Museum in Zurich, Switzerland, Art Positions in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach, shown video at Art in General in New York, and shown sculpture at Raid Projects in LA.
University of California, Los Angeles, California
Master of Fine Arts, Department of Art: New Genres 2000-2003
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Art: Sculpture 1995-1999
2005 Two Performances, in conjunction with "When Humor Becomes Painful" Migros Museum Für Genenwartskunst, Zurich, SW
Luck of the Drawing (group to benefit University of California, Los Angeles), Art Department, organized by Catherine Opie, Lot 32, Los Angeles, CA
Fresh, A Silent Auction of Emerging and Other Great Artists, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
NewNewSchool presents… QUIT ART, lecture, CALArts writing program,Valencia, CA
Cuculandia, a live musical performance, The Project, Los Angeles, CA
The Path of Moons and Planets, Crazy Space, 18th Street Art Center Santa Monica, CA
2004 Group Exhibition (A live performance over the course of four days), Art Positions Art Basel Miami Beach, Anna Helwing Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
Art In General 6th Annual Video Marathon, 12 hour Screening New York, NY
FARFETCHED, FAR: foundation for art resources; group exhibition to benefit FAR, Los Angeles, CA
Summer Group Show, Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Mania For Coleslaw: New Hybrid Media Performance, organized by Lauren Hartman and Carol McDowell, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA
Free Space Project: The Snow Flake Band, Live Performance organized by Greg Shepard, with Yutaka Sone, Lucy Dodd, and Paul T, Pink Pony,New York, NY
2003 The Death of Balboa it's a cruel world peanut butter shop, curated by Paul Theriault, 2312 Duane Street Los Angeles
A Darker Halloween Beyond Baroque Foundation & Literary Arts Center, Los Angeles
The Provider troubled teen mentor peanut butter shop, curated by Paul Theriault, 2312 Duane Street Los Angeles
Sundown Salon, curated by Fritz Haeg, The MAK Center for Art and Architecture L.A Schindler House, Los Angeles, CA
Side Effects, The Latch Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Record: Two nights of film and video, 210two Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
GLITCH an evening of film, video + performance, curated by Tom Texas Holmes, UCLA EDA, Los Angeles, CA
Recess, Group Exhibition, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Group Exhibition, Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Cluster Fuck, Group Exhibition, The Latch Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Art Chicago, Group Exhibition, Chicago Art Fair; Anna Helwing Gallery, Chicago, Ill
What Do You See At Night?, MFA Group Exhibition, Track 16, Bergamont Station, Los Angles, CA
Sundown Salon, curated by Pipilotti Rist and Fritz Haeg, Fritz Haeg's house and garden, Mount Washington, CA
MFA Thesis Exhibition Two, UCLA Kinross Building, Los Angeles, CA
Trance Plants, The Latch Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
miniature, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2002 Performance Night III, Warner Graduate Studios, Los Angeles, CA
2001 Performance Night II, Warner Graduate Studios, Los Angeles, CA
2000 Performance Night I, Warner Graduate Studios, Los Angeles, CA
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