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Ingken Wagner (DE) / “Selftest” - 2006 - 34 sec

.: Statement

Can security be generated artificially?
The work of Ingken Wagner deals with subjects such as abandonment, self-lost, search for safeness.

The electronic station indicator, which communicates to the passengers in the underground the next station, assumes the function of a virtual helper.

For a stranger in that place the station indicator provides help for the orientation and leaves him not alone. The blanking of the next station blocks the orientation and causes confusion among the observers.
The work “Selftest” holds on the instant, in which the system is self controlled. The observer is informed through the status of the system instead of the status of travel.
“Selftest” has been shot with the video function of a digital photo camera from the position of a passenger.

.: Biography

Ingken Wagner lives and works in Berlin.
1970, born in Braunschweig
1996, University of West London
1997, DAAD scholarship in Italy/Milan
"Re Akt", exhibition in Milan
freelance curator:
Facing the future! Concept and organisation of an international conference in Hannover
1998, Exhibition, part of a group-show at EXPO-Cafes, Hannover
1999, Diploma Industrial Design, Hannover
1999-2002, Multimedia design at Pixelpark, Berlin
2000, Exhibition at Salone Satellite, Milan
2002, Foundation of complice, Berlin
2003-2004, Manager director of International Design Zentrum Berlin e.V. and of Verband Deutscher Industrial Designer
Group-show videotage for cream-magazin, Hongkong-Comic-Festivals
freelance curator:
February, Christopher Doyle
May, Design Preis Schweiz
June – August, Eastern Alliance - Czech contemporary art
freelance curator:
"Transition" for the “Licht- und Medienfassade SPOTS”, Berlin
March, fettFilm
April, Jonathan Monk
May – August, Terry Gilliam


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