Paola Salerno, “A consumação” - teaser

a project by Simona Soare and Marta Jecu
with Anca Benera, Dan Ionut Popescu,
Ioana Alexe-Ecker
, Casa Gonz,
Ciprian Muresan

September 26 - October 7, 2006

Opening: September 26, 2006 / 7pm

downloadable press-release and images

The game as analytical method, as deconstructive practice, as stimulator of communication, is the background of the project FLUIDIC proposing a series of exhibitions in Berlin and Bucharest.

In the frame of FLUIDIC, works by Anca Benera, Dan Ionut Popescu, Ioana Alexe-Ecker, Casa Gonz, Ciprian Muresan will be presented at PLAY_gallery for still and motion pictures.

The artists’ works challenge definite solutions and patterns of interpretation. Without aiming at the perfection of a product and at an image for a previously formulated discourse, all works exhibited bring in the potentiality of the unexpected, of the chance, in order to connect subjective experiments to social statements.

Through a playful approach the artists question not just the conceptual modus operandi but as well the dominant structures in which the artworks usually appear and operate. Dan Ionut Popescu questions common, media-conditioned habits. Relating to the Rumanian cultural consciousness and through minimal staging, Ioana Alexe Ecker lays bare daily patterns of thought and experience’s clichés. Daniel Gontz’s PolTur deconstructs authoritarian mechanisms and political conducts of contemporary Romania by using their own means. Anca Benera’s The Collectors analyses individual and social systems of representations. Ciprian Muresan re-contextualises a run-across, social substance that he develops into an autonomous discourse.

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