prize award 2003

We are delighted to present the result of the jury-meeting for the FAIR-PLAY-Video festival which took place at the 12.7.2003.
The winner of the first price is Johannes Maier (Germany) and Cecilia Lundqvist (Sweden).
The two winning works were chosen from 19 works of artists from 15 countries.
Members of the jury were: Ahu Antmen (Turkey), Angelika Richter (BRD), Charlotte Mailer (CH), Edgar Schmitz (UK), Michael Darling (USA), Moser&Schwinger (CH), Patrick Huber (CH).

The statement of the jury says:

The two prizes of the Fair Play video contest were awarded with the unanimity of the jury.
The heterogeneity of the shortlisted works required long discussion and an in-depth analysis of the majority of the pieces. In addition, the diversity of the jury members’ backgrounds made it necessary to establish a common set of criteria for the assessment of the works.

In the last phase of the decision process and in view of the prizes to be awarded, the jury felt it necessary to consider a broader range of works by the artist still under discussion. The jury privileged works on the basis of their internal coherence, adequate use of means and level of maturity.

The first prize was awarded to Johannes Maier (D 1971 - Ex-spectators) where the jury particularly stressed the multitude of readings possible within the beautiful sobriety of the work.

The second prize was given to Cecilia Lundqvist (SW 1971 - Absolutely Nornal) for her refined use of temporality, for the precision and concentration of her graphical language as well as for the quality of the sound track in her work.

The jury also decided to award a special mention to Vesna Bukovec (SL 1977 - Why do I do this ?) for the promising potential of her work.

Johannes Maier and Cecilia Lundqvist will be able to produce a fully financed new work which will be presented at PLAY gallery for still and motion pictures. Johannes Maier will also be able to publish a fully financed artist-book with Fine Arts Unternehmen Books.

We would like to thank all participating artists, curators and jury members for their efforts. The festival is on view to the 23rd of August at PLAY gallery for still and motion pictures.


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