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“Absolutely Normal”, 7'09", 2000

My fascination in animation as a way of artistic expression revolvs mainly around the fact that film is a form of time. This means that during a certain time I am allowed to tell the things I would like to say, using both pictures and sound. For me, animation is the ultimate way of expressing. To draw and tell. Something that is also very interesting is if you compare animation and live film. For the animator absolutely nothing happens by chance, he/she has total control all the way. My films are personal, but in a distant way, perhaps because they are animations and not live film.

Absolutely Normal is an animation in which two visually identical women represent one person. In seven animations they passively watch or actively perform metaphoric actions, that together symbolize and give a concrete form to a fictive separation of the human mind. The animated parts the video contains has their own titles that work as a support for the spectator without being too obvious, thanks to the phonetic text that has been used. The drawn women use the picture space like a stage where they act out what could be described as a sort of animated performances. To emphasize the triviality about these actions, the performances are done by routine and without any enthusiasm what so ever. The video's main purpose is to make these negative human behaviours visible, and in a way give the viewer a chance of self-examination and insight. The main title is to remind us about the normality of this behaviour.

Cecilia Lundqvist


Born 1971 in Eskilstuna, Sweden
1999 - 2000 Royal Collage of Art, Video Department, Stockholm, Sweden
1994 - 1999 University Collage of Arts, Crafts & Design, Art Department, Stockholm, Sweden
1993 - 1994 Birkagårdens Folkhögskola, Art Department, Stockholm, Sweden
1991 - 1993 Gotland Art School, Visby, Sweden
Selected solo exhibitions
2002 YEANS artspace, Gothenburg, Sweden
  Index, Stockholm, Sweden
  Modern Museum of Art c/o Artnode, CONTEMPORARY FILM & VIDEO, Sweden
  Borås Art Museum, CONTEMPORARY FILM & VIDEO, Sweden
  Bildmuseet, CONTEMPORARY FILM & VIDEO, Umeå, Sweden
Selected group exhibitions and screenings
2003 Kunst-Werke Berlin, ANIMATIONS, Germany
  Paris/Berlin International Meetings, France & Germany
  The Video Art Foundation, 25 HRS, Barcelona, Spain
  dLux Media Arts, d>ART03, Sydney, Australia
  Source Magazine Live @ Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
  Chiangmai University Art Museum, Thailand
  Edsvik Konst & Kultur, ARGHH, Sollentuna, Sweden
2002 Kalmar Art Museum, Sweden
  Chiangmai University Art Museum, THE SWEDISH ART WEEK, Thailand
  Modern Museum of Art, COLLECTED CONTEMPORARIES, Stockholm, Sweden
  The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
  Modern Museum of Art & Riksutställningar, KONSTMOBILEN, 13 towns in Sweden
  Kornhausforum, >>REPLAY<<, Basel, Switzerland
  Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark
  Modern Museum of Art c/o Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
2001-2002 BLICK TOUR
  P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, ANIMATIONS, New York, USA
2001 Center for Contemporary Art, VIDEO AGAINST VIDEO, Kiev, Ukraine
  Enköping Art Hall, Sweden
  adHocArts.org @ Side Street Live, VIDEACY, Los Angeles, USA
  Cuchifritos Art Gallery, UNHEARD OF, New York, USA
  Paris/Berlin International Meetings, France & Germany
  Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
Borås Art Museum, Sweden
  NIFCA, BLICK, Helsinki, Finland
  Modern Museum of Art, BLICK, Stockholm, Sweden
2000 Kunsthalle Wien, NORDEN, Austria
  Kino Riga, KRIS TAPA TAPA, Latvia
  Index, BY THEMSELVES, Stockholm, Sweden
  Titanik Gallery, REALM OF THE SENSES, Turku, Finland
1999 Modern Museum of Art, BLICK, Stockholm, Sweden
  Lux Cinema, ANIMAL MAGIC, London, UK
Selected festivals
2003 Cordoba Animation Celebration, Argentina
  Film Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Exground Filmfest, Wiesbaden, Germany
  EMAF, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany
  International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany
  Videoex, Zürich, Switzerland
  VIPER, Zürich, Switzerland
  Videotage, MICROWAVE FESTIVAL, Hong Kong
  Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Germany
  Dreamcatcher, Video Art & Short Films Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
  International Film Festival of Fine Arts, Szolnok, Hungary
2001 Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy
  Videoex, Zürich, Switzerland
  »backup2001_festival.new media in film«, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany
2000 Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Holland
  Media City, Festival of Experimental Film and Video, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  Dreamcatcher, Video Art & Short Films Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
  International Festival of New Film, Split, Croatia
1999 Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Holland
  Manifestation Internationale Vidéo et Art Électronique, Champ Libre, Montréal, Canada
Awards, grants and commissions
2003 Participant of the International Jury, International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany
  C - Nomination for "Diesel New Art", Diesel, Sweden
2002 2-years working grant, Konstnärsnämnden (The Arts Grant Committee), Stockholm, Sweden
  NIFCA, Network North, Residency at Glasgow School of Art, UK
2000 Rebus - Jury's 2nd Nomination in Video, Dreamcatcher, Kiev, Ukraine
  Working grant, Konstnärsnämnden (The Arts Grant Committee), Stockholm, Sweden


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