FAIR PLAY 2007 teaser
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Fair Play 2007 – Film & Video Award
4th edition

Fair Play 2007 is an award dedicated to film and video works aiming to explore filmic language effect in art. Specifically, Fair Play 2007 is interested in analyzing the boundary between the two media (film, video) and examining contemporary artistic efforts in blurring the technical and aesthetic distinction between art and film. The goal of the award is to reveal new layers of communication between film and art and to stimulate the development of new visual languages and narratives.

Fair Play 2007 focuses on film and video works which are conceived specifically for a single-channel, wide screen projection, escaping the formal and framing constraints of presentation on a monitor or as a multi-channel installation. In asking what is the relation between art and film, the artistic strategy of utilizing cinematic projection reveals how technology is deconstructed and re-appropriated by artists to create new forms of visuality. Fair Play 2007 hopes to locate where the distinctions between the two media lie today.

Through the screening of film and video works, Fair Play 2007 aims to create an international, multilateral platform of discussion about the relationship between art and film and to serve as a meeting point for a diverse and international group of professionals from the fields of contemporary art, film and video to engage and exchange in critical discourse.