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“Berlin”, 3’20”, 2002

“I am the Kino-eye, I am a mechanical eye. I, a machine, show you the world as only I can see it.”

     Dziga Vertov

After 10 years of working with photography BERLIN is my first movie. Made with about 4200 photos and with several sections in 24 frames by second, BERLIN – a super 8 movie – is a visual experience between photography and film.

The idea was to capture and transmit the concept of a whole city, in this case Berlin. The shifts in time and space show the rhythm of the city. The changing speed and the quantity of pictures create a movie where every detail of the city can appear in a subliminal way.

From a portrait of a person to a disappearing route, from the center to the limits, from a building to my studio. My vision of the city is exposed.

One super-8 reel, one piece. In BERLIN there is no editing, no actors, no set-up, only reality is represented. I want to show the world as one to one between the camera lens and the eye. Using a special technique, I concentrate time, space and the feeling of being in the city.

It´s impossible to be in Berlin without thinking about the history of the place.The introduction of stills from the movie Germania Anno Zero by Roberto Rosselini (1947) was the way to create a historical view of Berlin.

Nuno Cera


Born 1972 in Beja, Portugal, lives and works in Berlin and Lisboa
1994-1997 Photography, Photo Academy MAUMAUS, Lisboa, Portugal
1990-1995 MA in Advertising, IADE, Lisboa, Portugal
Solo and two person exhibitions
2003 Nuno Cera & Marianne Stoll*. Galerie & Projekte Mathias Kampl.Berlin
  Being Anywhere. Galeria Pedro Cera. Lisboa
  DK. Kunstpunkt Berlin. Berlin
  Berlin - a super-8 movie*. I-20 Gallery. New York
2002 Access. Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin
  Two intimate investigations*. Kunstpunkt Berlin. Berlin
2001 Shooting Stars. Promontório Arquitectos.Lisboa
2000 Sines 2000. Centro Cultural Emmerico Nunes. Sines. (cat.)
  Smog*. Sala do Veado - Museu de História Natural. Lisboa
  Runaway World*. Art-Attack. Matadouro Municipal. Caldas da Rainha
1997 Snapshots. ZDB. Lisboa & Pátio da Inquisição. Coimbra
  Same Dream, Same Destination. Boqueirão da Praia da Galé. Lisboa
1995 Moving On. Jardim e Museu Botânico. Lisboa & Centro Cultural Emmerico Nunes. Sines
1994 Matéria. À Sombra do Silêncio. Jardim e Museu Botânico. Lisboa
Selected group exhibitions
2003 ArtCubicle (project in progress 2003-2005). Galerie & Projekte Mathias Kampl.Berlin
  Topografias do Vinho e da Vinha. Künstlerhaus Bethanien.Berlin
2002 Contemporary Art from Portugal. European Central Bank. Franfurt/Main. (cat.)
  First of all work…- Guest artist in the project Reinigungsgesellschaft “Spirit of Work”. ACC Galerie. Weimar.
  Topografias do Vinho e da Vinha. Cordoaria Nacional. Lisboa. (cat.)
  XXVII Bienal de Arte de Pontevedra -Talking about space, time and stories. Pontevedra. (cat.)
  Big Torino 2002 - Guest artist in the group project Reinigungsgesellschaft “Spirit of Work”. Torino
  Expecting the World, moi non plus. Sparwasser hq and Parkhaus Gallery. Berlin
  R-6. Palácio Marim-Olhão. Lisboa. (cat.)
2001 7 artistas ao 10º Mês. CAM-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Lisboa. (cat.)
  Streetwear. Galeria Municipal da Mitra. Lisboa
2000 Via:Cidade.Subúrbio.Capital. Forum Municipal Romeu Correia. Almada
  Projecto Mnemosyne. Encontros de Fotografia 2000. Museu Machado de Castro. Coimbra. (cat.)
  Sister Space. Southern Exposure. (On-Line project Galeria ZDB). San Francisco
  Olhar da Contemporaneidade. Palácio da Rosa. Lisboa
1999 BM99 Bienal. Maia
  Touch. Sala de Exposições da Casa da Cultura da Horta. Açores
1998 Projecto Tabaqueira. Antigo Edifício da Tabaqueira. Lisboa. (cat.)
  Observatório. Canal Isabel II. Madrid. (cat.)
  Reencontre des Artistes du 4º Programme. Union Fraternalle Métallugistes. Paris. (cat)
1997 Linha de Fronteira. Museu da Guarda. (cat.)
1996 Jovens Criadores da Bienal do Mediterrâneo. Cordoaria Nacional. Lisboa .(cat.)
1995 Arte Jovem, Maia 95 (Secretaria de Estado da Cultura). Forum Maia. (cat.)
1994 Itinerários de Fronteira. Museu Antropológico de Coimbra. 14º Encontros de Fotografia de Coimbra. (cat.)
  Jóias em Fotografia. Galeria Contacto Directo. Lisboa.
1993 Maumaus. Livraria Assírio & Alvim. Lisboa
Grants and project - and movies presentation
2002 Berlin - a super-8 movie. Goethe-Institut. Berlin
  The RAR Group seen by Nuno Cera. Porto
2001-2002 Resident Artist , João Hogan - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
1999 Jet-Lag Lx_Macau 1999) / CAM-Aeroporto de Macau;Fundação Oriente; Centro Português de Fotografia
1998 Cimêncio (with Diogo Lopes), Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa
1996 Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes.Musée Nicéphore Niépce. Chalon-sur-Sâone


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