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> Jonah Freeman (USA) 16 - 18.6
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> Margaret Salmon (GB) 23 - 25.6
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> Nicolàs Serrano (ESP) 21 - 23.7
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> GUP-py (JP) 4 - 6.8
> Sayaka Kasahara &
Kenji Kamoshida (JP)
7 - 9.8
> Cacciagrilli (ITA) 11 - 13.8
> Gina Tornatore (AUS) 14 - 16.8
> Chiara Pirito (ITA) 18 - 20.8

“Easter Eggs”, 3’ 23”, 2003

Common traits have been part of my research: the artificiality of a process, the evident signs left to underline the ambiguity of communication, the virus of uncertainty, the necessary reflection on the appearances of imagery, a constantly temporary state.
The Easter Eggs video portrays people walking inside an exhibition and watching a video projection. These people are invisible: you can tell their presence only by their shadows on screen, as if they were standing in front of the projector. Real, flesh-and-bone visitors that will attend the installation and pass by the screen will project their own shadows on it, side by side with virtual visitors.
The shadows of these virtual visitors should appear and behave like people at an exhibition. By their silhouette you may recognize some typical characters: collectors, students, artists, journalists. They walk, stop, watch the video on the screen and talk to each other. They hardly care when some other shadows occasionally commit some violent acts - they fight, one is killed.

A part of the background video shows e-eggs, useless but sometimes intriguing programs (containing messages, graphic or sound effects) made by software developers of well-known computer programs to show off their ability and creativity. These e-eggs are hidden inside commercial software, and they can be launched only by typing some undocumented set of commands or keystrokes.
Other parts the background video show abnormal and dramatic excerpts from the popular ‘The Sims’ videogame. Virtual visitors together with real visitors will watch this videogame that just aims to simulate real life. Ironically, the scenes extracted from the Sims quickly become grotesque and absurd, far from real life.

Virtual models become as true as the real ones; real and virtual worlds meet in a third element - the shadow. The video intends to deceive our perceptive capabilities and question the idea of identity.

Debora Hirsch

Born 1967 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Graduated in Industrial Engineering at Polytechnic of Sao Paulo University, Sao Paulo
Master in Business Administration at Bocconi University, Milan
Self taught in art
Selected exhibitions
2003 VideoWindows, Stefan Stux Gallery, New York,
  La Creazione Ansiosa, Museo di Palazzo Forti, Verona,
  Fair Play, PLAY Gallery for Still and Moving Pictures, Berlin,
  CITTąZIONE, video installation at Rizzoli, Milan
  La pittura come concetto, Palazzo Ducale di Massa, Massa
  The Image of the woman in the Art of 3rd Millennium, installation at the ex Convento delle Scuole Pie, Brindisi
2002 Temp Id (solo exhibition), Galleria Antonio Colombo, Milan
  VideoRom 4.0, Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO), Rome
  Torino Incontra L’Arte Award, 2002, 6th edition, Turin
  VIDEO.IT, Galleria di Arte Moderna di Turin (GAM) and Care Of, Turin
  Europa Video Art, Chiesa San Paolo, Modena; Acc. Galerie Weimar, Weimar; Galleria Canen, Castellė De La Plana
  International Art Festival of World’s People, World Cup, Seoul
  OPEN2002 - 5th International Exhibition of Installations, Venice Lido
  New Acquisitions, Museo di Palazzo Forti, Verona
  VideoRom, Galleria Zanutti, Milan
  Viasatellite, Mercati Traianei, Rome
  Geipeg, Galleria Dina Carola, Naples
2001 Emporio 2, Viafarini and Care Of, Milan
  Guardaroba: Liberi e Vestiti, Ex Monastero di Santa Scolastica, Bari
  Le Muse Inquietanti, Fondazione Pino Pascali, Polignano a Mare
  Ultra Corpi, Chiesa e Chiostro di S. Agostino, Pietrasanta
  Premio Cairo Communication 2001, Posteria, Milan
  Debora Hirsch (solo exhibition), Galleria ES, Turin
2000 Soap Opera, En Plein Air Arte Contemporanea, Pinerolo
  40o Premio Suzzara, Galleria Civica di Suzzara, Suzzara
  21 Artisti del XXI Secolo, European Show, Castello d’Otranto


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