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> Jonah Freeman (USA) 16-18.6
> Matt Saunders (USA) 19 - 21.6
> Margaret Salmon (GB) 23 - 25.6
> Vesna Bukovec (SLO) 26 - 28.6
> Cecilia Lundqvist (SVE) 30.6 - 2.7
> Jón Saemundur
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3 - 5.7
> Shahram Entekhabi (IRAN) 7 - 9.7
> Debora Hirsch (BRA) 10 - 12 .7
> Nuno Cera (PT) 14 - 16.7
> Johannes Maier (D) 17 - 19.7
> Nicolàs Serrano (ESP) 21 - 23.7
> Zhao Liang (CHINA) 24 - 26.7
> Wu Ershan (CHINA) 28 - 30.7
> Stella So (HK) 31.7 - 2.8
> GUP-py (JP) 4 - 6.8
> Sayaka Kasahara &
Kenji Kamoshida (JP)
7 - 9.8
> Cacciagrilli (ITA) 11 - 13.8
> Gina Tornatore (AUS) 14 - 16.8
> Chiara Pirito (ITA) 18 - 20.8

“In and out”, 9’38”, 2001

Imagine you are in a room somewhere on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. You might be high up but you don't know because there are no windows in the room. You don't even know if the Pacific Ocean is outside, but they say it is so it must be. Light is provided by specially calibrated halogen bulbs that offer a variety of spectrums and temperatures. The carpet and walls are almost the same color. The chair you sit in is made of a new chemical compound of foam that gives the sensation of the absence of body. A thermostat imbedded in the ceiling maintains the temperature at an even 72 degrees. The sound of a couple fighting in a foreign language is heard from a neighboring room. Every so often a man comes in who wears a suit that matches the carpet and walls. He asks you if you'd like a beverage or a snack or perhaps he could dim the lights or adjust your chair. He smiles and says he is new to the city. He had come from somewhere in-land. A country you've never heard of; a country less democratic than the one you are in now. You think it could be somewhere in Asia but then you look at him and he bares a striking resemblance to Jerry Lewis and you decide it must not be the country you had in mind. And then he smiles again and asks you how long you've been here and this is where things get a bit murky.

Jonah Freeman


Lives and works in New York City
1997 B.F.A., New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, New York City
1993 Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Natick, MA
1992 Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
Solo exhibitions
2003 “Jonah Freeman” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
2002 “In the Public Realm: Sixteen Scenarios,” Public Art Fund, Brooklyn Public Library
  “Jonah Freeman” Edward Mitterand, Geneva, Switzerland
2001 “Urban Pornography: Project Room” Artists Space, New York City
2000 “Jonah Freeman” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
1998 “Jonah Freeman” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
1997 “Jonah Freeman” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
1996 “Project Room” Ten in One Gallery, Chicago, IL
Museum exhibitions
2003 Prague Biennale 1, Prague Czech Republic
  “Altered Spaces: Video Art and the Physical World,” Cheekwood Museum, Nashville, Tennessee
2001 Tirana Biennial, Tirana, Albania
2000 “Greater New York” P.S.1 / MOMA, New York City
1997 “WhimSiecle” Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Venice, Italy; Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, California
Selected group exhibitions
2003 “The Bedroom Show” curated by Scott Hug, John Connelly Presents, New York City
2002 “Staged/Unstaged” Riva Gallery, curated by Lauri Firstenberg, New York City
  “Home Movies” SF Cameraworks, curated by Marisa Olson, San Francisco, CA.
  Illuminations Marvelli Gallery, curated Lorenzo Rodriguez, New York City
  “Abstract Redux” Danese Gallery, New York City
  “State of the Gallery” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
2001 “Work” Folin/ Riva, New York City
  “After the Diagram,” curated by Lauri Firstenberg White Box, New York City
2000 “Drawings and Photographs” Matthew Marks, New York City
  “long days, longer nights” Galapagos Art and Performance Space, Brooklyn NY
  “Transparent Architecture” GAle GAtes et al, New York City
  “Nothing” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
1999 “A Room With a View” Sixth@Prince Fine Art, New York City
  “Summer Group Show” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
1997 “PowWow” Life, New York City
1996 “Basement Show” The Basement, New York City
  “Group Show” Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York City
  “Repatriation”, Brecht Forum, New York City
1994 “Difference Engine”, Providence, Rhode Island
Grants and awards
2002 The Richard Kelly


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