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“Dead finks don’t talk”, 4’30”, 2002

I make films to investigate the uniqueness events; different states of awareness; coincidental failures of communication and the coexistence of conflict, violence and sexuality in human relations. I am interested in the criteria of truth, authenticity and the uncertainties of viewing and telling in order to establish terms of corroborating information.

My films are highly orchestrated and choreographed. I seek to examine the destruction, reduction and abstraction of events to unveil indirect elliptical narratives deprived of closure. Recent projects have been involved with thinking about types of behaviour in certain situations, suggesting patterns of organisation and choreographing scenes within a specific timescale. The linearity within my work is to do with action that creates and emphasizes anxiety, a consistent framework is the documentation of movement and the language of gesture displacing the movement and the action, a sense of gesture in the relationships between the figures.

In ‘Means without ends - notes on politics’, Agamben writes on the kind of loss of meaning in human movement and how people behave socially and come to terms with this loss; what happens historically when the meaning of gestures is lost, what gesture becomes when its embeddness is lost, it is to do with displacement and mechanisation, with a brechtian aspect. Perhaps then this socio-political function of gesture is a way to connect and link the two aspects of my work - films shot as live-action and films made with found footage.

Gina Tornatore


Born in 1969 in Australia, lives and works in London since 1990
2001 - 2003 MA Fine Art - Goldsmiths College, University of London
1995 - 1998 BA (HONS) Fine Art - Film and Video, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London
1994 - 1995 BA (HONS) Film and Video, London College of Printing, London
1993 - 1994 Diploma - Art Foundation Studies, Camberwell College Of Art, London
Solo Exhibitions
2003 The House of Lords of kunstat/ House of Art, Brno, Czechoslavakia, curated by Marek Pokorny,
2002 Roadside Picnic, curated by Milovan Farronato, Autori Cambi Galleria, Rome.
1999 GIALLO , curated by Manlio Caropreso, MC Magma Contemporary Art Studio, Milan.
Selected group exhibitions and screenings
2003 - 2004 Continental Style, curated by David Broker, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia
2003 PONR (Point of No Return), curated by Jari Juhani, Colin Ledwith, Mark Titschner,’ Pallas Heights’, Dublin
2002 Passeurs, Festival of Italian Artists curated by Andrea Lissoni and Giovanna Zapperi, Paris
  White Nights of Art in Paris, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris.
  40th Festival Internazionale de Polipoesia e Arti Multimediali Polyphonix, Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris.
  Guns and Roses, Greyscale 86 Brick Lane, London.
  Openvideospace, Openspace Palazzo dell’Arengario, Milan. Curator: Paola Noe
  Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Rome: Video Lounge, Curated by Maria Rosa Sossai, with Antille, Berti, Bonvicini, Fudong, Maloberti, Migliora, Olofsson, Paci, Semper, Siden, Strom, Tornatore.
2001 VIDEO SHOW, Galleria zero Arte Contemporanea Piacenza, Italy in collaborazione con VTO Gallery (London), ICA (Sofia), Glassbox (Paris), Offspace (Wien), Tommy Lund (Copenhagen) Walcheturm (Zurich)
  Somewhereovertherainbow, Galerie Vigna, Nice
  Somewhereovertherainbow, Galerija SKUC, Lubljana
  Somewhereovertherainbow, curated by Gino Gianuizzi, Galleria Neon, Bologna
2000 Videoscreening 01, Curated by Yasmine Yim + Jari Juhani Lager, VTO Gallery, London.
  Gina Tornatore and Cendrillon Belanger, curated by Jari Juhani Lager, VTO Gallery, London.
  ‘HOME’, Video Wall, Leicester Square, curated by Alexander de Cadanet
  ‘Free Radicals’, Artistic Director: Evan Parker, Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow Scotland.
  Mostra di fine corso, Fondazione Ratti, Galleria Via Farini, Milano. Curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio + Angela Vettese.
  ‘EXIT’, screening event, Chisenhale Gallery, London.
1999 9th Madrid Experimental Film Festival - Official Competition Section
  Lo Studio Showrooms, Milan - Principal Installation Commission
  Mostra di fine corso, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, ex- Chiesa San Francesco, Como Italy
1998 ‘Miti, leggende e storia nella nascita di una citta’. Fondazione Stelline - Sala del Collezionista + Accademia delle Arti di Brera - Salone Napoleonico, Milan.
Internship and residency
1999 Fondazione Antonio Ratti - Visual Art Lessons with Artist Haim Steinbach (USA) Como, Italy Art Critics/Curators - Giacinto Di Pietrantonio + Angela Vettese
Awards and grants
2002 British Council Artist Exhibiting Overseas, British Council Rome
  British Council Travel Grant, British Council Rome
1998 Duemillacinquecento Silver Medal, ‘Miti, Leggende e storia nella nascita di una citta’, Milan


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