Fair Play: Video Art Festival - July 15-16, 2005 - A festival of young, great VIDEO ART!

Video Art Festival

A festival of young, great VIDEO ART!

July 15th - 30th, 2005

Friday, July 15th
5pm / welcome cocktail
6 - 8 pm / screenings

Saturday, July 16th
11 am - 8 pm / screenings
9 pm / "And the winner is..."

Wednesday - Saturday,
until July 30th

2 - 7 pm / screening of all the works
presented at the festival

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Jens Lüstraeten
Duration: 16 min.
Production year: 2004
Source: mini DV / Media: DVD (three screen video-installation)

The three-screen installation “TANGENZIALE” is the project with which Jens Lüstraeten officially finished his studies at the Academy for Visual Arts, Leipzig. It concentrates the thematic and visual approaches of the artist in the combination of night shots of an anonymous infrastructure made of motorway junctions, industrial warehouses, parking places and glimpses of landscapes put on stage almost theatrically, and slow motion travelling shots through these suburbs.
The first impression given by the images –along with the title “TANGENZIALE”- might suggest that the work aimed at describing a specific location, possibly in Italy.
However, the omnipresent orange light of the street lamps and the lack of specification –that could allow an association with a location- as well as the repetition of single images sketch out an interchangeable and anonymous space.
In the interaction with the travelling shots of the video camera -definitely showing the viewer a constant movement that nevertheless lacks a destination, the video installation denies any possible location-bound link and portrays a principle of place, a model of functionality, a construction.

Jens Lüstraeten was born in Krefeld (North-Rhein Westfalia) in 1973. He started studying photography in 1996 at the FH Design, Bielefeld. In 1999 he decided to switch to the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts where he studied in the class for artistic photography and new media of Professor Joachim Brohm. It is in this class that he has started his reflection on the border between photography and video, producing video installations of long duration that he conceived through a photographic approach. As a matter of fact, the installations are the result of the selection of a fixed image that, thanks to the passing of time, acquires small events or rhythms that bring simple stories about. These video installations bring together photographic elements (fixed image, frozen time) and the basic characteristics of video (movement and, thank to it, the realisation of the passing time). Jens Lüstraeten finished his studies in the summer of 2004.
Selected exhibitions
2005 Tangenziale, Galerie Estro, Padua
Tangenziale, Vega, “Citying” Symposium for art and urbanism, Venice
2004 potentials, Gallery hat on wall, London
2003 Marghera, Fotomuseum Winterthur
ENGPASS, Galerie Barakk, Berlin
2002 Marghera, galerie Büro Spors. Berlin
Marghera / Potentiale, Colexio de Arquitectos de Galicia, Vigo
2001 boat one and two, galerie am scheunenviertel, Berlin
1999 awake - eyes closed, Academy of visual arts, Leipzig
1997 Happy end, Industrie konplex, Bielefeld
outskirt circles, Museum f€r Kunstgewerbe, Hamburg / Reinhard Wollf preis
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