Fair Play: Video Art Festival - July 15-16, 2005 - A festival of young, great VIDEO ART!

Video Art Festival

A festival of young, great VIDEO ART!

July 15th - 30th, 2005

Friday, July 15th
5pm / welcome cocktail
6 - 8 pm / screenings

Saturday, July 16th
11 am - 8 pm / screenings
9 pm / "And the winner is..."

Wednesday - Saturday,
until July 30th

2 - 7 pm / screening of all the works
presented at the festival

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Akram Zaatari

Red Chewing Gum
Duration: 10 min.
Production year: 2000
Media: DVD

It was my contribution to the Hamra Street Project, curated by Ashkal Alwan in 2000, reflecting on the rise and fall of this famed Beirut street. The project allowed for debate to take place on the street's pivotal history in the city and its present condition. I wanted to stage a scene of a boy chewing gum; videotaping this scene over and over, adding new information in each take, removing the viewer one step further away from the plot. The image of the boy chewing red gum becomes a recurring icon that acquires more meaning as the video unfolds. The work was conducted on two levels, adapting my personal interest in pursuit, as a structure, to my commitment to the nature of the street. The work plays on the theme of consumption which I found relevant to a commercial street such as Hamra.

Akram Zaatari, born in Lebanon in 1966, is a video artist and curator who lives and works in Beirut. In addition to his television and teaching experiences, he is author of more than 30 videos, and video installations. He is co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation (Beirut) through which he developed his recent research-based work on the photographic history of the Middle East, which was the basis for a series of exhibitions and publications. He has text contributions in scholarly journals such as Third Text, Bomb, Framework, Transition, and Parachute. He is a regular contributor in Zawaya.

Recent solo exhibitions
2005 “Mapping Sitting” Grey Art Gallery, New York
2004 “Unfolding” Portikus, Frankfurt
“Hashem el Madani” The Photographers’ Gallery, London
“Mapping Sitting” Centre Pour l'Image Contemporaine, Genève
“Mapping Sitting” Musée Nicéphore Nièpce, Chalon-sur-Saône (France)
2002 “Mapping Sitting” SK Die Photographische Sammlung, Köln
“Mapping Sitting” Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels
2000 “The Vehicle” The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
1999 “The Vehicle” Darat al Founoun, Amman
Recent group exhibitions
2005 Flight 405, Sfeir Semmler Gallery, Beirut
2004 CAC Ticino, Italy
SENI, Singapore art Museum
Nam June Paik Award exhibition, Dortmund
2003 Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo - as part of "Substream"
  Worlwide Video Festival, Amsterdam
  Videobrasil, Sao Paulo - as part of "The Possible Narratives"
  Haus der Kulturen der Werlt, Berlin - as part of  "Disorientation"/curated by Jack Persekian
2002 Homeworks, Beirut
  Die Appel, Amsterdam - Group show as part of "Haunted by detail" - Title of piece: "The Desert Panorama"
1998 Ayloul Festival, Beirut
2004 Hashem el Madani: Studio Practices. MTG/AIF, Beirut.
2002 Mapping Sitting: On Portraiture and Photography. MTG/AIF, Beirut.
1999 The Vehicle, Picturing Moments of Transition in a Modernising Society. MTG/AIF, Beirut.
1998 Another Resolution. MTG, Beirut.
  Portraits du Caire: Alban – Arman - Van Leo, Actes Sud publishers. France.
2004 Prix Son – FID Marseille. For “This Day”
2002 Grand Award – Ismailia short & Doc Film Festival. For “Her + Him Van Leo”.
2001 Jury Award – VideoLisboa. For: “Red Chewing Gum”
1998 Grand Award – Antalya Golden Orange Festival. For “Crazy of You”
Video loops / Installations
“In This House”, 2004 – 30 min a documentary on 5 synchronized screens/DVDs
“June 6th 1982”, 2003 – 45 sec DVD Loop
“The Desert Panorama”, 2002 - 9 min DVD Loop
“Another Resolution”, 1998 – 2 synchronized DVD loops 35 min each
“Monument # 5”, “The Scandal,” 1999 – 40 min DVD loop
Single channel video works / full list
“In This House”, 2005, 30 min, video
“This Day”, 2003, 86 min, video
“Her + Him Van Leo”, 2001, 32 min, video
“How I Love You”, 2001, 29 min, video
“Transit Visa”, 2001, 4 x 30 min, video
“Baalbeck”, (coll. with M. Soueid, and G. Salhab) 2001, 60 min, video
“Red Chewing Gum”, 2000, 10 mins, video
“Majnounak” (Crazy Of You), 1997, 26 mins, video
“All Is Well On The Border”, 1997, 43mins, video
“The Candidate”, 1996, 10mins, video
“Reflection”, 1995, 11mins, video
“A Family Portrait”, 1995, 10mins, video
“Image + Sound”: (series)
“Remote Control”, 1995, 7mins, video
“Trip”, 1995, 7mins, video
“Singing, Mourning, And Photographs”, 1995, 5mins, video
“Countdown”, 1995, 7mins, video
“Teach Me”, 1996, 6mins, video
“Polaroid”, 1996, 7mins, video
“Like A Dream”, 1995, 11mins, video
“Gift”, 1995, 4mins, 1995, video
“Home”: (series - 10 mins each - 1994)
“Make-Up”, “The Fountain”, “Abdel-Halim”, “Motorcycle”, “The Lemon “Blossom”, “Matilde Building”, “The Ring”, “The Museum”
“Before She Reaches Grandma's Place”, 1993, 5mins, 16mm
Film and video festivals (selection)
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Turkey - Biennale of the Moving Image, Geneva - IDFA, Amsterdam - !F, Istanbul - Images, Toronto - Impakt, Utrecht - Inside-Out, Toronto – Int’l Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen - MIX, NY - OVNI, Barcelona - Pesaro Film Festival, Italy - Taiwan Int’l Doc Film Festival, Torino Gay & Lesbian film festival - Videobrasil, Sao Paulo - World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam - Yamagata Int’l Doc film festival - VideoLisboa, Portugal
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