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Gridthiya Gaweewong (TH)

Bangkok based curator Gridthiya Gaweewong received her MA in Arts Administration from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. She is co-founder and director of Project 304, a non-profit art space based in Bangkok, focusing on multidisciplinary and cross-cultural contemporary art projects by local and international artists. Gridthiya Gaweewong’s is very much interested in working with regional and international networking and on collaborative art projects. Her multi-disciplinary projects deal mostly with contemporary local, regional and international artists from the 60s generation, addressing issues of subculture, globalization, migration and alienation.
Her curatorial works include among others “Dilemma” (2000), “Project 304” and “Alien(gener)ation” (2000 – 2003) in Thailand, “Under Construction” (2003) in Japan. Gridthiya Gaweewong was also involved in independent film production projects, like “Mysterious Object at Noon” (2000) and the first 3 episodes of “The Adventure of Iron Pussy” by Michael Shaowanasai. She has also curated film and video screening programs in Asia, Australia and Europe.
Gridthiya Gaweewong is an adjunct curator of Jim Thompson House Museum and currently working on the preparation of “Interweaving Culture”, a collaborative curatorial approach at the Art Center, Jim Thompson Art and Textile Museum, Bangkok (2005), including artists from Europe and Asia. Her ongoing project is “Mekong Laboratory”, a collaborative art and cultural project including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, South China and Myanmar, dealing with issues around the Mekong river and its context. Gridthiya Gaweewong is also working as a curator for the visual section of a two-year research project of Southeast Asian art, which will be exhibited at the House of the World Culture in September 2005, focusing on young artists from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Besides her curatorial projects, Gridthiya Gaweewong often contributes to international exhibition catalogues, art journals and local art magazines and regularly visits Europe and Asia and Australia as guest speaker and lecturer.