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Geneviève Loup (CH)

Since 2000
Teaching art history at the Cantonal Art School in Valais (ECAV) (theoretical courses on the history of video art addressed to Bachelor’s students and art history to College students.
Organization of an annual programme of invited artists at ECAV. Artists such as Sylvie Fleury, Roman Signer and Emmanuelle Antille presented their own video works.
March 2005
Text about Emmanuelle Antille’s artistic work for the on-line system of information on art in Switzerland and in the principality of Liechtenstein coordinated by the Swiss Institute of Art Studies.
Since 2003
Programme of experimental films at the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival. In 2006, the programme entitled Image-trace showed films by Jonas Mekas, Robert Smithson, Fluxus artists and the Viennese Actionists.
June 2007
Organization of a round-table in the context of the exhibition Accélération in Neuchâtel, curated by the the collective Kunstart.
Probation as a student at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Geneva (participation in the setting up of an exhibition and the archive system).
Probation at the Aparté Gallery

Diploma in pedagogy attributed by the Swiss Pedagogical Institute in professional education.
Master’s degree (Licence ès Lettres) in Art History and English Literature at the University of Lausanne.
College degree in modern languages at the CESSRIVE Highschool in Lausanne.