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Robert Cauble (US) /
“Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?” - 2003 - 23:20 min

Robert Cauble (US) / “Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?” - 2003 - 23:20 min

.: Statement

“Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord? presents The Disney favourite as you
have never heard it before: entertaining, amusing and utterly subversive.“
–Mark Webber

Alice, unhappy with her prim, proper existence in Victorian England, travels through time into an age that allegorically resembles our own. There, she encounters malicious, elitist tea-partiers, a burnt-out hippie bird, rapping flowers and a philosopher cat, all before being swallowed by an assaulting music video. Her only hope for understanding this foreign world of spectacle is to somehow find Guy Debord.
-Robert Cauble

.: Biography

Robert Cauble lives and works in Chicago. In 2002 he co-founded Electrodist, an artist collective that uses parasitic media distribution tactics to reach mainstream American audiences with critcal works of art. He is currently working on two larger projects. One is a film about the role of religion during the Cold War era told through 16mm films of Dr. Sidney Correll, and an American missionary who worked on five continents from the 1940s to the 1980s. His other current project, Will You Marry Me: Failed Histories of the Videophone, is an experiemtal video-essay concerned with society’s conflicted relationship between our technologies and desires.

Born 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii
Studies: 2005- BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

.: Selected Exhibitions and Screenings

-Video Visions, ICA, London, UK
-CAC TV, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania
-Edinburgh Filmhouse, Edinburgh, UK
-VideoEx, Zurich, Switzerland
-Video 2005, Art in General, New York City, USA
-Arnolfini, Bristol, UK
-Side Cinema, Newcastle, UK
-FACT, Liverpool, UK
-Sheffield Showroom, Sheffield, UK
-Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK
-Cine y Casi Cine, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain
-International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
-London Film Festival, London, UK
-Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
-COURTisane International Festival of Film, Video, and New Media, Gent, Belgium
-Image Forum Festival, Tokyo, Japan
-Goethe Institute, Kyoto, Japan
-Yokohama Museum, Yokohama, Japan
-Version>04, Chicago, USA
-Fukoako City Public Library, Fukoaka, Japan
-Aichi Art Center, Aichi, Japan
-Canary Islands International Film & Video Festival, Gran Canaria, Spain
-Cube Microplex, Bristol, UK
-Select Media Festival, Chicago, USA
-Le Triptique, Paris, France
-Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands
-Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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