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Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor (RO/CH)
“Procesul / The Trial” - 2004/2005 - 37:24 min

Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor (RO/CH) / “Procesul / The Trial” - 2004/2005 - 37:24 min

.: Statement

“A film about a text that seems to be a theatrical performance rather than the transcript of a trial, about the TV journals presenting each evening the new blocks of flats constructed by the socialist regime, filmed now from the same Dacia car, about how nothing changed with those blocks of flats in the last 15 years.”
-Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor

.: Biography

1968 Constanta, RO / 1974 Geneva, CH, work together since 2000

.: Selected exhibitions

Liquid Matter, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin
Cutia Neagra / Black Box, DUMB, Brno
Art-chitecture of Change, Isola Art Center, Milano
Breakfast / Persepolis / Consuming the City, Artbug Gallery, Bassano / solo
Procesul / The Trial, Private Investigations, Stadtturm Galerie, Innsbruck / solo
Nu s-au semnalat incidente deosebite, Galeria Noua, Bucuresti
Motion Parade, Fotogalerie Wien
Continental Breakfast, Ljubljana Castle
A Warlike People, Monorchid Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona
Unitati de locuit, CIAC, Bucuresti / solo
Terrorvision, Exit Art Gallery, New York
Revolutions Reloaded, Artra Gallery, Milano; Play Gallery, Berlin
Media-Space 04, Micro Utopia Re-Utilisation and Shifts in Urban Space, Stuttgart
Orase de Consum, Galeria Vector, Iasi / solo
Formate / Moving Patterns, Kunsthalle Karlsplatz, Wien
Consuming the City, Buchsenhausen Labor, Innsbruck / solo
Living Units, Project Room, Ludwig Museum, Budapest / solo
Border Device(s), insert in Border Counter / Multiplicity Collective, Utopia Station, the 50th Venice Biennial; Roomade Gallery, Bruxelles
5 Senses, CRCA, San Diego

.: Festivals/Screenings

2006 Cover Story, Forum Stadtpark, Graz
2006 e-flux video rental, Extra city, Antwerp
2005 Festival Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin
2005 e-flux video rental, Portikus, Frankfurt; KW Institute for Contemporary Art
2003 Cybersonica 03, ICA, London
2003 Arcipelago, 11th International Festival of Short Films and New Images, Rome
2003 Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media, Stuttgart
2002 ISEA, Orai, Nagoya
2002 Coop Festival Kalinderu Medialab, MNAC Bucharest
2002 Backup Festival, Weimar

.: Artist in residence

2006 How to Do Things? – In the Middle of (No)where, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin
2005 AIR Vienna
2005 USF Verftet, Bergen
2004 Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen, Innsbruck
2003 Project Room, Ludwig Museum Budapest

.: Lectures

2005 How to Do Things? – In the Middle of (No)where... Colloquium, Bethanien, Berlin
2005 Living Units, Khib, Bergen
2005 After the Happy 90es, Goethe Institut, Bucuresti
2004 Living Units, Consuming the City, Buchsenhausen Labor, Innsbruck
2004 Post Communist Architecture in Bucharest, workshop, Institute of Architecture Ion Mincu, Bucharest in collaboration with Columbia University NY
2003 SHORT BREATH – Experiencing Architecture in Time of Displacements, International Symposium, CIAC, Bucharest


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