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Nina Hoffmann (DE) / “Blue Box Berlin” - 2005 - 06:45 min

Nina Hoffmann (DE) / “Blue Box Berlin” - 2005 - 06:45 min

.: Statement

“I started to document the city Berlin in using the house-big advertisements as background. In my video "BLUE BOX BERLIN"/2005 the city is turned into a movie set up, reminding on the Hollywood studios, imitating houses and landscapes. Marketing strategies of big enterprises at the moment turn the appearance of the city into a place where you can be in London, Tokyo, Bratislava at the same time. It is a local view on a globalize society , including the plotter facades representing our dreams and desires. People become actors, the city is a playground. Advertisement becomes, besides animating us to buy, literally a perfect fictional background. Huge Faces glimpse through architecture and whole cities appear on single walls; our whole life becomes a surrealistic dream and a huge quote.”
-Nina Hoffmann

.: Biography

Nina Hoffmann was born 1980 in Spaichingen (DE)
Summer 2003, Assistant to Rivka Rinn (Photography/Painting) at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria
2004, Final Exam (Absolventin) at the UdK Berlin in the class of Katharina Sieverding
2005, Meisterschüler Year in the class of Katharina Sieverding

.: Selected Exhibitions

“Unterhändler” Areal28 Berlin, 2005
“High Resolution“ Haus am Kleistpark Berlin, 2005
“Ortung 2004“ Galerie 5020, Salzburg/Austria, 2004
“Klecks Beige“ Haus Am Lützowplatz Berlin, 2002
“Als die Händler den Tempel verließen” Galerie am Flutgraben Berlin,2001

.: Film Festivals

Infernale 03, Alte Staatsbank, Berlin, 2003
Museale 03, Kulturforum Berlin, 2003
Avecom Video Festival, Netherlands, 2005
Zoom Out Video Festival, Berlin, 2005

.: Awards and Distinctions

Cultural council of Land Salzburg Residency
Artist Symposium Strobl 2004
Gold Water Award
ZoomOut Video Festival, Berlin 2005


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