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Tiziana Panizza (CL) / “Dear Nonna: A Film Letter”
2004 - 15 min

Tiziana Panizza (CL) / “Dear Nonna: A Film Letter” - 2004 - 15 min

.: Statement

Vision is a powerful sense: so many stimuli stem from it that we sometimes forget that with our eyes closed we also have the capacity to “see”. I talk to my grandmother, but I also make an appeal for acquiring an awareness of that other internal “planet”, a power that we perhaps forgot when we became adults. When I was a little girl, my Italian grandmother used to read out loud the letters that she received in Chile from her relatives still in her home country. This was our own familiar ritual, which was stored in my memory. My grandmother still lives, but she inhabits a dimension where there is only space for herself. In that far away country, does she remember, or dream, or sing? This is the letter to send to my grandmother, scrambled pages of a personal diary, my everyday life in a strange country. “What is not embedded in these images is forever lost. I am your images, from the distance, for you, my memory, it's yours.” This film is a letter, from London towards Latin America, in a last attempt to recover an ancient family ritual.
-Tiziana Panizza

.: Biography

Documentary filmmaker, Tiziana Panizza studied at the Gabriela Mistral University of Chile, at the International Film School of Cuba and made her Master in Art and Media Practice at the University of Westminster, London. She has been Director of various television series and several cultural programmes. She was Professor at the Media Schools of Diego Portales University and at the Gabriela Mistral University between 1998 and 2003.

.: Awards

Valsusa Film Festival 2005, Italy
XXII Turin Film Festival, Italy 2004
Bienal de video y nuevos medios, Santiago de Chile, Chile


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