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Jannicke Låker (NO) / “Sketch for a Rape Scene”
2003 - 8 min

Jannicke Låker (NO) / “Sketch for a Rape Scene” - 2003 - 8 min


“In my works I often use, together with humor, heavy subject matters as racism, sexual violation, power games between people etc, but common for all my videos is the intention to reveal the human behind the actions, often something intimate, private or banal –that’s the motive power behind the work. But as well as exposing the actors I also expose the director and her motive behind, and the actions in, the work.
The videos are based on simple scripts with an exact physical setting that builds the frames which allows me to improvise during the production.”
-Jannicke Låker


Born 1968, Drammen, Norway. Lives and work in Berlin, Germany


1993-97 The Academy of Fine Art Trondheim Norway
1995-96 The Royal Academy of Fine Art Copenhagen Denmark
1997-98 The Royal Academy of Fine Art Video Dep. Stockholm Sweden

.:Selected Solo Exhibitions

2005 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin Germany
2003 Jannicke Låker video works 1997-2003 Stenersen Museum Oslo Norway
2000 Drammen Museum Drammen Norway
2000 UKS Oslo Norway
1997 Fix I.D. Zoolounge Oslo Norway
1997 LoveSongs and ColdBallad Gallery Rotor Gothenburg Sweden

.:Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 The Peninsula M1 Singapore Fringe Festival
2005 Baltic Raw Hamburg Germany
2005 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin Germany
2005 Bring a friend -Felleshus der Nordiche Botschaften Berlin Germany
Kino Arsenal Potsdam.Plz Berlin Germany
Landmark Bergen Norway
2004 Swedish hearts -Modern Museum in Stockholm
2004 Humane -APT Gallery London UK
2004 Tangible expressions -Gallery Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan
2004/04 L’amour
5th Encounters of Bamako Mali
MEO Art Foundation Budapest Hungary
Raid Projects I Los Angeles USA
2003 American Effect -Whitney Museum of American Art New York USA
2003 Out of Berlin -LABgallerie Strasbour France
2003 BEKMÖRK -Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
2002 Open Space -Palazzo dell´Arengaria Milan Italy
2002 Right About Now -(Museum of Modern Art Stockholm)
National Gallery of Art Bangkok Thailand
The Art Center of Academic Resources
Tadu Contemporary Art Gallery Bangkok Thailand
National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Petronas Gallery Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Valentine Willie Fine Art Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Fine Art Museum Shanghai People’s Republic of China
Jin Wen Art Center Shanghai People’s Republic of China
Magasin 3 Stockholm konsthal Stockholm Sweden
2002 Video Works -Kunsternes Hus Oslo Norway
2001 7 stories about gender and identity -Trondeim Museum of Art Norway
2001 7 stories about gender and identity -Lillehammer Museum of Art Norway
2000 Satellite -Z200 Berlin Germany
2000 Shoot on tour -Living Art Museum Reykjavik Island
2000 Shoot on tour -Kunstlerhaus Bethannien Berlin Germany
2000 We want to believe -Gallery Sparwasser Berlin Germany
2000 News Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art
Gotlands Museum of Fine Art Visby Sweden
Gallery Noas Riga Latvia
Pomeranian Princes Castle Szczecin Poland (1999)
2000 Nordic Live Art -Gothenburg Sweden
2000 Shoot -moving pictures by artists -Malmö Konsthall Sweden
1999 Museum of Contemporary Art Oslo Norway
1999 Eclectic -Gallery Walden New York US
1999 Magnetic North -London UK
1998 Noise-nature is pervert -Museum of Modern Art Stockholm Sweden
1998 Fellessentralen -Kunstnernes Hus Oslo Norway
1997 Fix I.D. -Zoolounge Oslo
1997 Performance at Norwegian Broadcast Norway
1997 Screens -art media and technology -Trondheim Norway
1997 Zoom Performance festival -Gallery m/balkong and Zoolounge Oslo Norway
1996 Trondheim 10 000 -Galleri m/ Balkong Oslo
1995 One Night Stand -Kunstnernes Hus Oslo Norway

.:Video Screenings

2005 COURTisane, Brussel, Belgium
2005 OffPopVision Berlin Germany
2004 Slip Role in Manchester
The Collective Galley Edinburgh
BergstueblPROJEKTE Berlin Germany
Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center Istambul
2003 New Media Art Festival CHIANGMAI
2002 Kino Arsenal Berlin Germany
2001 Bangkok Video Festival Bangkok
2000 Paradiso Amsterdam Holland
2000 Vidarte Highlights Mexico - Carillo Gill Museum/Centro de la Image Mexico City
2000 FIM Festival Lisbon Portugal
2000 Highlights -99 Impact Festival Holland
1999 Impact Festival Holland
1998 Pandemonium Festival London England
1998 Uppsala International Short Film Festival Sweden
1998 Media Art Festival Osnabruk Germany
1997/98 on tour -Media Art Festival Osnabruk
1997 Bergen Film Festival
1997 no Budget Hamburg Germany
1997 Fylkingen Stockholm Sweden
1996 no Budget Hamburg Germany

.:Represented in collections

Museum of Contemporary Art, Norway
Bergen Kunstforrening Norway
Norwegian Cultural Concil Norway

.:Grants / awards / artist in residency

2006/2007 Norwegian Cultural Counsel, Working grant 3 year
2005/06 Office for Contemporary Art - Artist in residence Kunstleraus Bethanien Berlin, Germany 1 year
2004 Norwegian Artist Society (Project)
2004 Norwegian Artist Society (Matherial)
2004 NIFCA Artist in residence at Taipei Artist Village Taiwan 3 months
2003 Norwegian Artist Society (Legat)
2002 Norwegian Artist Society (Project)
2002 Norwegian Cultural Counsel (Exhibition support)
2001 Artist Committee Working grant 2 year
2001 Norwegian Artist Society 50 000 NOK
2000 NIFCA (Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art) Artist in residence at Soumenlinna Finland 4 month
2000 Norwegian Artist Society
1999 Artist Committee, Sweden
1998 Norwegian Cultural Counsel, Working grant 3 year
1997 BKH (Academy graduation grant)


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