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Rossella Biscotti (IT/NL)
Il sole splende a Kiev (The sun shines in Kiev), 2006

film still

The sun shines in Kiev is a film on the life of Vladimir Shevchenko, one of the first filmmakers who was allowed access to the “red zone” after the meltdown of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl in 1986. In the film the incident is not mentioned and there is not any visual representation of the disaster. The incident is used to reflect on the way filmakers can document extreme events and on our sense of collective memory.
The sun shines in Kiev uses the oral narration as a main element to create a visual context.
In this film most of the footage is missing. All the information given is personal, fragmented and in contradiction with each other. Since the Chernobyl disaster the official information have been modified in relation to the interests of the governments. I use these contradictions to reconstruct the biography of Shevchenko to explore the ways in which history shapes individual memories.
The soundtrack is specially composed by the Italian electronic musician FRAME using pieces of music, voices and statements recorded by Vladimir Shevchenko in 1987.


About Rossella Biscotti

Rossella Biscotti uses the documentary aesthetic to explore the relationship between historical, real and fictional time through video and installation. Her videos have been exhibited in galleries and museums including Netherlands Foundation for Visual Art, Design and Architecture (Amsterdam), Italian Academy at Columbia University (USA), National Gallery of Modern Art (New Delhi), National Gallery of Modern Art (Mumbai), TENT (Rotterdam), American Academy in Rome (Rome), Galerie Paolo Boselli (Brussels), Gallery of Modern Art (Monfalcone), Viafarini (Milan), Smart Project Space (Amsterdam), Prodajna Galerija (Belgrade), Trevi Flash Art Museum (Trevi), Fondazione Adriano Olivetti (Rome). In 2006 she won the award for contemporary art “Premio NY” from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Italian Academy at Columbia University.


Patricia and Antonio, video, 16', 2002
Rick, video 18', 2002
Coming back (Portrait of a family), video, 16', 2003
Muctar, 3 channel videoinstallation, 10'-5'-5', 2003
Italy is a democratic republic founded on labour, video, 10', 2004
Shooting on the Dam, video, 10', 2005
The sun shines in Kiev, 16mm, 18’, 2006
New Crossroads, video, 22', 2006 (co-directed together with Kevin van Braak)
The renovation of the empty bath, video, 7'30'', 2006 (co-directed together with Kevin van Braak)

Solo exhibitions

Premio NY, Italian Academy at Columbia Univesity, New York, NY (USA)
Cities of Continuous lines, Netherlands Foundation for Visual Art, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam (NL) (together with Kevin van Braak)
Cities of Continuous lines, open studio American Academy in Rome, Rome (together with Kevin van Braak)
Xavier Martin and Rossella Biscotti, Cypres Galerie, Leuven (BE)
L’Italia è una repubblica democratica fondata sul lavoro, Galerie Paolo Boselli, Brussels (BE)
Rossella Biscotti and Danilo Donzelli, Galleria T293, Napoli (IT)

Group exhibitions

Cyprus International Film Festival, Nicosia (CY)
New video idioms from Italy, Ficci-Frame, Mumbai (India)
On the edge of vision, Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta / National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi / National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai (India) curated by L. Canova and M. C. Bastante
Fake Movement, Galleria Neon, Bologna (IT)
Video.it, Accademia Albertina, Torino (IT) curated by F. Bernardelli
Sense and Sensitivity, TENT, Rotterdam Center for the Arts, Rotterdam (NL)
Video_Report, Galleria D’Arte Moderna, Monfalcone (IT)
Fiac at Louvre, Galerie Paolo Boselli, Paris (FR)
Fair Play 2006, Play gallery for still and motion pictures, Berlin (DE)
Video invitational, Viafarini, Milano (IT)
Beautiful nature, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Castel San Pietro Terme (IT) curated by Synapser
Cascoland, Public art / New Crossroads, Cape Town (ZA)
I costruttori: il corpo del lavoro 1906-2006, Castel Sismondo, Rimini / Palazzo Belmonte-Riso, Palermo (IT) curated by M. Margozzi, L. Martini and A.Negri
Il grande teatro del mediterraneo, Teatro Clitunno, Trevi (IT) curated by Trevi Flash Art Museum
Artissima Art Fair, Galerie Paolo Boselli, Torino (IT)
Beograd nekad I sad, Prodajna Galerija, Belgrade (CS) curated by M. Stamenkovic and J. Van Woensel
Adam, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (NL)
Fuijama, Archeo DOC Festival, Napoli (IT) curated by A. Amendola
Padiglione Italia-Out of Biennale, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Trevi (IT) selected by B. Pietromarchi
Honey money - Premio Masay Art Factory, Assab one, Milano (IT)
Video contest, Studio Pompstraat, Rotterdam (NL)
Conflitto e conflitti, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna (IT) curated by Synapser
Prototipi 03, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Roma (IT) curated by S. Chiodi and B. Pietromarchi
Young Italian artists, Galerie Paolo Boselli, Brussels (BE) curated by T293
Anteprima- Quadriennale, Palazzo Reale, Napoli (IT) selected by M. Picone
Collaudi, Galleria d’Arte Moderna/Villa delle Rose, Bologna (IT) curated by M. Altavilla and D. Lotta
Start, Care/Of, Milano (IT) curated by L. Aiello and T. Fattaposta
Perspective, El Adelph, Roma (IT) curated by P. Capata and M. Bastante
Space is still the place, TPO, Bologna (IT) curated by M. Altavilla and A. De Manincor
Doppiavù, Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena (IT) curated by M. Tonelli
III Mostra d’Art Sonor y Visual, Convent de Sant. Augustì, Barcelona (ES)
Tracce di un seminario, Viafarini /Care/Of, Milano (IT) curated by G. Di Pietrantonio and A. Vettese
Mostra di fine corso, ex chiesa di San Francesco, Como (IT) curated by G. Di Pietrantonio and A. Vettese


Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, Naples (IT)


1 Premio NY 2006/2007, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Italian Academy and the Columbia University in New York, NY (USA).


Selected for the Research Program in the Center of Contemporary Art, Kitakyushu (JP)
Artist in residence, B.a.d. Foundation, Rotterdam (NL)
Artist in residence, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (NL)
Prototipi 03, Fondazione A. Olivetti, Roma, curated by S. Chiodi and B. Pietromarchi
Master of film direction with Abbas Kiarostami, Scuola Holden, Torino (IT) curated by National Museum of Cinema and Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
Advance Course in Visual Art, visiting professor Ilya Kabakov, Fondazione A. Ratti, Como (IT) curated by G. Di Pietrantonio and A. Vettese


Dienst Kunst en Cultuur, Rotterdam (NL)
STEP, European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam (NL)
Movin’up, Giovani Artisti Italiani, Torino (IT)

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