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Rebecca Lennon (UK/DE)
Time is flying, 2006

Black & white. Sound by Neil Webb.

film still

The artist explains; “This film is a document of places recorded and words spoken over a number of years. The diarised conversations are recorded from memory in the first person, giving the piece a personal, associative and non-linear structure”. The broken conversation appears to evolve from a stream of typing on an electronic keyboard, only legible from time to time as a changing backdrop of still images distracts the viewer’s attention between image and narrative. This broken attention and the impossibility to comprehend all information only serves to reinforce the idea that memory is ultimately flawed.
[Karen allen, Curator of Moving Image Fact, Liverpool.]



Born Manchester, England.Lives and works in Manchester & Liverpool & Berlin.

Rebecca Lennon’s practice primarily incorporates writing, moving image and photography, often within a site specific, relational or installative context. The complexity within everyday dialogue and seemingly mundane scenarios as well as the gaps in memory and understanding are used to create filmic riddles, documentary archives and fiction, blurring the line between the voyeuristic and the personal, the real and the invented.

Curatorial projects

ZUVIEL TV, Berlin, Germany www.zuviel.tv (06-07)
A sequence of exhibitions and screenings taking place in a private apartment and office space, curated in collaboration with Zuviel TV an Independent German contemporary artists’ film & video screening project. Role: Visiting Curator.

37SECONDS Another Space for Artists’ Film & Video (January - November) Big Screen Liverpool. A collaboration with FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology), Liverpool Biennial & BBC. Role: Curator. (06)
A site-specific public space programme of contemporary artists’ moving image featuring artists such as Christian Jankowski, Anri Sala, Hiraki Sawa, Eva Teppe, Iain Forsythe & Jane Pollard, Mark Lewis, Dryden Goodwin, Victor Alimpiev & Ran Slavin amongst others. www.37seconds.co.uk

INTERRUPTION Art, Film & Live Music Event. Venues: Greenroom Bar & Cinema & Night & Day Café, both Manchester, Sheffield Independent Film, Sheffield. Role: Founder & Curator. (05)
An independent, cross-disciplinary arts project, which involved the exhibition of moving image, art, live music and performance in various open, non-art settings.

SHORT CIRCUITS INTERRUPTED Art, Film, Performance & Live Music Event, The Forum, Sheffield. Role: Independent Curator / Project Manager. (05)
A merging of the two events Short Circuits (narrative film) and Interruption (see above).


07: Fair Play 2007 Film & Video Award, (Play Galerie for Still and Motion Pictures), July 5 - July 8, Kino Babylon, Berlin Mitte.
07: Inside The Machine: Martin Arnold, Mika Taanila, Rebecca Lennon, Ken Jacobs. SEEN Artists’ Film & Video programme, FACT, Liverpool, June 6th. www.fact.co.uk
07: Next Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania. April 25th-28th. www.nextfestival.net
07: Sonar Film Festival, Florence, Italy. (March) www.sonarfilmfestival.it
07: Zuviel TV, Artists’ Film & Video Screening, Berlin, Germany, March 29th.
06: Short Circuits Interrupted, Sheffield
05: Din Short Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain
05: No Original Artists, Art-Video-Karaoke event, Manchester, England
05: Interruption 1, 2 + 3, Manchester and Sheffield, England
05: Halloween Short Film Festival, ICA, London, England

Recent projects / Commissions

07: Centrifuge Collaborative Project initiated at Documenta 12, Kassel and resulting in a group exhibition with Imogen Stidworthy and Dirk Fleishman in 2008. Directed by the Salford Restoration Office & Northern Edge.


07: METRO galerie, Brunnenstrasse, Berlin. Solo exhibition, November 2007. www.metro-berlin.net
07: METRO galerie, Brunnenstrasse, Berlin. Group exhibition, date TBC.
07: Zuviel TV, Torstrasse, Berlin, site-specific video installation in an office space window, date TBC.
05: Opening... Art Sheffield: Spectator T, Fringe Exhibition
05: Fragments, The Green Room Bar & Cinema, Manchester
04: 33 Feet In The Mile, Mile End Ecology Pavilion, London
04: F.A.04, Sheffield Hallam University, Psalter Lane, Sheffield
04: Horizon, The End Gallery, Psalter Lane, Sheffield

Awards & Funding

07: Arts Council England Award (Artist)
06: Inspiral Artists Award
06: Arts Council England Award (Curatorial)
05: Futuresonic EVNT Competition Award
05: Blink Media Short Film funding
04: The Nick Park Bursary, (First Prize)
03: The Nick Park Bursary, (Second Prize)


Dec 06: Visiting Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University
Nov 06: Visiting Lecturer at Liverpool John Moore’s University
Oct 06: Speaker at Sightsonic Festival, York www.sightsonic.org


01 - 04: B.A Hons Fine Art, Time Based Media.
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield UK.
00 – 01: Art and Design Diploma in Foundation Studies.
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester UK.

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