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Carlo Zanni (IT)
The possible ties between illness and success, 2006-07

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... a short movie transformed by an Internet data flux and re-edited server-side when web statistics (Google Analytics) are available: the public can watch a new movie every day. The core idea of "The Possible Ties …" is the relationship between manic-depressive illness forms and success at large, a theme it symbolically tracks through the filming of an ill man and his partner. The man’s body progressively fills with stains: quantity and position depend on the number of users (and country of origin) visiting the website. The more users, the more stains, thus causing the "illness" to spread all over the body...



Carlo Zanni (La Spezia, 1975) is an Italian born artist living between Milan and New York. His work is focused on the intersection of computation and representation using and fusing two apparently different media like painting and Internet to shape landscapes and portraits often facing themes such as real time/real life; fiction/information; social economy/special effects. In the past four years his work was shown worldwide in galleries and museums. Among others: P.S.1 Museum, New York, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Chicago; Chelsea Museum, New York; CCA Glasgow; Analix Forever Gallery, Geneva; Borusan Center for Culture and Arts, Istanbul; The New Museum, New York; Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerby, New York and MAXXI museum in Rome. His first retrospective of digital works opened in October 2005 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London that also published his first book "Vitalogy" currently distributed by Cornerhouse. In October 2006, “8-bit” a documentary by artist Marcin Ramocki featuring an interview with Carlo Zanni will be premiered at MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Solo Exhibitions

London, UK, ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts - Carlo Zanni: A Retrospective
Glasgow, Scotland, CCA - Centre for Contemporary Art, "Epic Tales", Net Art Commission

Group Exhibitions

New York, NY, MoMA Museum of Modern Art, Film Screening, "8bit" by Marcin Ramocki
Monza, IT, Galleria Civica, ArtGames
Locarno, Switzerland, LaRada, Wireless, curated by Noah Stolz and Fabiola Naldi
Rome, IT, MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Net Archives curated by Elena Giulia Rossi and Eleonora De Filippis
New York, NY, The New Museum, Rhizome.org Commissions, "Average Shoveler"
Brooklyn, NY, Vertexlist, Code Residue
Trento, IT, Galleria Civica, Interessi Zero / Zero Interest, curated byPierLuigi Sacco e Marco Senaldi.
New York, NY, Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerby, Culturecounter, organized by Fernanda Arruda and Michael Clifton
New York, NY, Chelsea Museum, The Passage of Mirage, curated by Christiane Paul (Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum) and Zhang Ga
New York, NY, Exitart, Public.EXE, with Yucef Merhi's MACCSI Biennial project, curated by Michele Thursz and Anne Ellegood
New York, NY, The Thing, eBay Landscape
New York, NY, Pace University, Digital Gallery, EBay: Buy or Sell or Buy
Caracas, Venezuela, MACCSI - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, VI Salón Pirelli de Jóvenes Artistas Digitales
New York, NY, Participant Inc. & Deitch Projects, La Superette organized by ignivomous.org
Geneva, Switzerland, Analix Forever Gallery - Cadrage
New York, NY, Turbulence.org - ICONography - curated by Patrick Lichty
Istanbul, Turkey, Borusan Center for Culture and Arts, -Copy it. Steal it. Share it.- curated by Anne Barlow and Michele Thursz
Merida, Mexico, MACAY - Museum of Contemporary Art of Yucatan - InteractivA’03 - A Biennale of New Media and Electronic Arts
Rome, Italy, Netizens, curated by Valentina Tanni, Sala1 Art Center in collaboration with Mediateca MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art Rome
Montreal, Canada, 3rd Biennale de Montréal, Centre International d'art Contemporain
Geneva, Switzerland, Analix Forever Gallery - Italian Boys - curated by Analix and Stefano Arienti
New York, NY, BitForms Gallery - Prints and Chips, curated by Michele Thursz
Chicago, IL, Museum of Contemporary Art - Version>2
New York, NY, PS1 Contemporary Art Center - B_Hotel
New York, NY, Deitch Projects, "Biennale.net" curated by Miltos Manetas
Tirana, Albania, Ist Tirana Biennial National Gallery and Chinese Pavilion


2005 - "VITALOGY, A Study of a Contemporary Presence" published by ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts , London
Distributed by Cornerhouse - ISBN 1900300494


2004 - New York, NY, Rhizome.org, "Average Shoveler" - Nov.'04
2003/4 - Schöppingen, Germany, Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, "Four Untitled Portraits", Jan 04
2003 - Glasgow, Scotland, CCA - Centre for Contemporary Art, "Epic Tales", Net Art Commission, May 03
2002 - Cabinet Magazine - "Attempt to bet two fiches" Special net project for Cabinet Magazine issue#7 - Failure - July02

Events and Projects

2003, New York, NY, Eyebeam's sixth annual online forum
2003, Zanni.org + JU$T ANOTHER RICH KID by Ken Courtney: "I FUCKED ZANNI.ORG" t-shirt project (aka portrait as a fashion label)
2003, April 03, P2P_.EDU: Peer to Peer Educationals for Art Dealers. Web based workshop dialogue on mailing list.
2002, May 02, P2P_$: Peer to Peer $elling Processes for net_things. Web based workshop dialogue on chat platform.
2002,03,04, New York, NY, Auction The Thing
1999, New York, NY, "War" Postmasters Gallery, New York
2005, Madrid, ARCO art fair, EL PAIS booth, Arte.Red (http://www.arte-red.net) 2005 update, by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana
2003,04, Turin, Italy, ARTISSIMA art fair, Analix Forever booth
2003, Madrid, Spain, ARCO art fair, Analix Forever booth

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