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Amirali Ghasemi (IR)
Snowhead, 2006

film still

“Snow head/happy face was shot very unexpectedly and casually on a weekend trip to the Tehran's mountainous country side, while the group where forced to stay at the house for one more night because of the heavy snow, Nazgol which is an interdisciplinary artist herself starts to make a snow ball in the yard, Amirali decide not to interfere with the whole process and remain as viewer but as Nazgol asks what to do with the snow ball, he says" Hmmm… many a happy face!" at the same time we are hearing Salmak's fascinating jazz on the Grand piano accompanied by Reza's amusing vocals.”
[Amirali Ghasemi]



Amirali Ghasemi was born in Tehran in 1980, grew up in a literate and cultured family; his grand-parents ran a magazine in the '60s, which was called Arash, and covered arts, literature, and all matters cultural. His parents were journalists and translators.
He graduated in 2004 with a BA in graphic design, with research and emphasis on digital art history.
He has won prizes for his design works from Taiwan, South Korea Japan and Iran, followed by his participation in many graphic biennials and exhibitions in Iran, France, Germany, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Netherlands and Japan.
He also has directed many audiovisual projects with Iranian rock bands, and because of his blogging experience, he was selected to contribute to the International Art Blog Project.
In 1998, Ghasemi established Parkingallery; an independent arts space in Tehran, and in 2002, Parkingallery.com, a virtual gallery, which has become an online platform for many young Iranian artists. As a curator, he has curated many exhibition projects for Parkingallery.
Among them: Deep Depression, Limited access and the Transition installations. He has
also shown his videos, including The Dancing Fan, the DepTV, Video diaries, and Word for Word, in Tehran and in many venues/oceation abroad.
His interactive photographic artwork coffee shop ladies Featured on Guardian online website as a part of Imagine art after project followed by exhibitions in Germany, Australia, Turkey and USA.
In march, 2006 he participated in Fast forward, Curatorial workshop on the occasion of the 4th Berlin biennial, and was a panelist in ART FORUM BERLIN talks: Beyond Mediterranean Emerging and Growing Art Scenes.
He is living in Tehran currently working as a curator for Parkingallery projects and as a freelance photographer for various artistic and cultural magazines, and he's also busy with his video installations and interactive projects like Tehran remixed, and writing about the Tehran arts scene and Iranian contemporary art in his web-log.

Selected Exhibitions

Performance +Photo shoot, Mehrva art gallery,Tehran
Concealed & Exposed photo + multimedia installation –Cafe Aks, Tehran
Fotos Under Lite, graphic design exhibition –Salis Art Gallery, Tehran
Ring the Bell performance –Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art & Atbin Art Gallery, Tehran
Amirali GHASEMI's Cloth Hangers, Collage, Photography & Installations exhibition - Haft Samar Art Gallery, Tehran
Parkingallery –Tehran, 1998

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