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Marco Raparelli (IT)
Ristorante Italia, 2007

film still

A sometimes unexpected, sometimes forboding, chain of events take place inside a dive restaurant. The viewer is eyewitness to the occurance of the restaurant’s normal working and other activities that occur without beginning or end. Only the eventual arrival of evening suggests possibile relief or a truce.

Narration is the principle characteristic of my video work. It is never, however, the point of departure but rather the consequence of a deviation of themes that are represented by very precise images or drawings which transmit/evoke sensations. Making these animations is to concretize what the image hides within itself, it is a free and extemporaneous deviation on an image that carries others with it and connects one to the other to create infinite micro-worlds.



Marco Raparelli was born in Rome on 12 July 1975. He graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma and studied animation at the College of Art of Loughborough, London. He collaborated to the satiric weekly magazine ”Cuore”, and afterwards worked for a period of time as author of comics.
In his artist practice he employs drawing painting and stop-motion animation.
He has exibited widely. Group show include “Emporio” Via Farini(2001) Milan, “Lavori in corso” curated by Roberto Pinto (2002) Milan, “3500 cm” Rialto S.Ambrogio, Rome curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Grand1th:Cult media “Bastart contemporary, Bratislava (2006) , "Clearly Invisible", Consulta - Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, (2007)curated by Filipa Ramos.
Solo show include : “Pina ti amo Catania” gallery Ugo Ferranti Rome, “Restroom and other stories” gallery Sergio Tossi Firenze Curated by Raffaele Gavarro, “As a drop of water on a K-way” Careof Milan, project with Norberto Dalmata and Scintilla Robina.


1994/2000 Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma
1995/1996 Bruxelles, Accadem de Beus Art (progetto Erasmus)
1996/1997 Loughbourough (Londra), College of Art
1989/1993 I Liceo Artistico di Via di Ripetta, Roma.

Solo Show

May 2007 “As a drop of water on a K-way” by Scintilla Robina e Norberto Dalmatah Care of, Milan
March 2007 1:1 projects, Rome. Ristorante Italia curated by Adrien Drake.
May 2006 Gallery Sergio Tossi, Florence. “Restroom and other stories”, curated by Raffaele Gavarro.
September 2005 Gallery Ugo Ferranti, Rome. “Pina ti amo, Catania”.
November 2002 Gallery Ugo Ferranti, Rome.

Group show

May 2007 Fondazione Mudima Milan, Ovp projects, curated by Sarra Brill
April 2007 Bar Perù Rome, “We are all outlaws in the name of Perù” curated by Jose Cuervo
March 2007 Centre d’Art Santa Monica, Barcellona, “Clearly Invisibile” Consulta - curated by Filipa Ramos
December 2006 Premio del Golfo, Biennale Europea di Arti visive La Spezia Generazioni - Rigenerazioni curated by Bruno Corà
November 2006 Temple University, Rome . Seven in a room , workshop curated by Cecilia Canziani
October 2006 Accademia Americana, Rome / Assab one, Milan “3500 cm” , curated by Lorenzo Benedetti
September 2006 Bastart contemporary, Bratislava. “Grand 1th: Cult Media”
October 2005 Rialto S. Ambrogio, Rome. “3500 cm”, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti.
January 2002 Milan. “Lavori in corso”, curated by Roberto Pinto.
February 2001 Care/of Viafarini, Milan. “Emporio”, curated by Luca Beatrice and Alessandra Galletta.
April 2000 Rome “Invito al Pigneto”, curated by Ludovico Pratesi.

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