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Elise Florenty (FR/DE)
Kino Krov, 2005

film still

The film Kino Krov (in Russian: Cinema Blood) was inspired by The man with a shattered world by Alexander Luria. A Russian neurologist, Alexander Luria one day convinced one of his patients, who was otherwise incapable of expressing himself, to put down his trauma in writing. The patient did so in a collection of journal excerpts entitled I’ll fight on. Using this text as a starting point, the film creates the experience of having a pathological relationship with the world: everything is perceived to be in ruins and under the threat of a terrifying catastrophe.
Between autism and an interior monologue interspersed with gestures, a man, burdened with magnified letters, attempts to write the word KINO (cinema). His thoughts stray between sound associations and word games: the letter K reminds him of the word KROV (blood) and the letters K-R-O-V read backwards reminds him of the middle of the word GOLOV-O-K-RJENIE (dizziness). Later his account is accompanied with morbid hallucinations which give us an insight into the concrete difficulties of his relation to everyday objects, to space and to his own body. Oppressed by uncontrollable defense mechanisms, he tries to reformulate that which seems, to him, to have lost all communicable meaning.

Referring back to the nature and the source of the account, the images inherited by the film are for the most part drawn from images taken from television documentaries about military conflicts in Russia, and more precisely military training camps for children. The teaching methods shown echo, amongst other things, to the efforts of the narrator to re-teach himself.
Lack of depth, play of surfaces and illusions of perspective - the drawings in question seem to reiterate the inherent instability of the narration : they evoke the moment that a thought takes shape, drifts for a second, is fixed in a reality or, on the contrary, disappears.
(The drawings are a mixture of 2D and 3D techniques : the houses and the characters are made in 2D animation (frame by frame) but they have a thickness as if they are cut from a cardboard. When they are viewed from the front you see them completly. As the camera turns around, you no longer see their profile. You just see the edge of the cardboard. This effect gives you the feeling they disappear (and reappear when the camera turns further).

The sound is a combination of voice, field recordings (watergiver, rain and a train passing by), and different electroacoustic sounds and effects which underline the space and the actions happening: using metalic objects, jumping and falling on the ground, hearing from a window, coming into an empty room, coming into a deep tunnel, talking into a pipe or into a mask. Marcel Türkowsky decides to work with raw and dry sounds in order to achive a homogenity with the sketched appearence and disapperence of the pictures. The fades, cuts and sudden boosts of the sound amplify the global tension of the movie.

I regarded myself as a weird boy. Suddenly somebody calls me by my name without arising any reaction at all. Words are all meaningless. I stay still here, waiting until floating incertain words appear. There are some letters i can't remember because i can't find any appropriate words. Espacially for the letter K. I finally remembered the word KROV/ BLOOD. I often evoke it. It is impossible for me to forget it. Thus the letter K related to the word KROV recurs to my mind.
When i decode the world GOLOVOKJENIE / DIZZINESS i only see the letters VOKR but to the right side of the K i don't see any thing at all. On the left of the K i see two letters V and O but more to the left i don't see anything at all.
When i look at a letter, i force myself not to look at it directly but further to the right and above it. Overwise i swalow or misplace the letters. I often forget even after having read all the letters of a word, the word itself.
There isn't the least object i can perceive entirely. I have to represent to myself things as a whole and complete them by memories.
I've abruptly lost the right half of my body, of my arm, of my leg, the fingers of my right hand, i don't even feel them.
Often when i sit down i suddenly feel my head as big as the table. I cling my self to the table, to the chair, because a brisk sensation of dizziness overwhelms me, i make a triple somesault dragging with me, the table, the chair and the house.

Sometimes i'm terrified
Sometimes i'm terrified when abruptly when my spoon abruptly vanishes into my soup bowl.



Born the 20/12/1978, in Bordeaux, France
works in Paris and Berlin


2001 / september, Notification d’absence, French Cultural Center of Séoul.
2001 / november, La Vitrine, Paris
2001 / december, Les Subsistances, Lyon
2002 / july, Only, Photography National Center, Paris
2002 / july, Espace FMR, 13th International Festival of Documentary, Marseille, organized by J-P Rehm, (programme out of competition)
2002 / october, L’ami de mon amie, Cergy-Pontoise, organized by B. Marcadé
2002 / october, Promotion, Paris, Espace Paul Ricard, organized by F. Piron
2002 / november, Rendez-vous, Contemporary Art Museum of Lyon
2003 / february, Splitscreen, Marseille, organized by Ch. Guillemin
2003 / march, La Caserne at Beaurepaire 7/8, Paris, organized by J. Amicel
2003 / june, Present perfect, galerie &:, in situ, organized by Fabienne Leclerc
2003 / june, Happy end, La caserne, Cergy-Pontoise
2003 / july, Festival of Photography, Lectoure, organized by M. de Brugerolle & F. St-Pierre
2003 / september, City Studios of Marseille, organized by Tierry Olat
2004 / june, Ondulation, Transat vidéo, St-Laurent of Terregate, organized by M.de Brugerolle
2004 / september, Public Relations Vol.1&4, Public>, Paris, organized by Antje Weitzel
2004 / october, Timeline, six months/episodes, curated by the store and window 42
2005 / july, Petit Pavillon, 16th Festival International du film Documentaire, Marseille, organized by Jean-Pierre Rehm, (programme out of competition)
2005 / septembre, Beograd Nekad I Sad, Belgrade / Serbia and Montenegro, organized by Marko Stamenkovic et Jan Van Woensel
2005 / november, Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, Cinéma L’entrepôt
2005 / december, Solo exhibition in Béton-Salon, Vienna-Paris, organized by Marie Cozette
2006 / january, Storylines, Kunst Verein, Göttingen, organized by Ulrike Kremeier
2006 / may, 52th International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen
2006 / may, L’Antenne/Le Plateau, Paris, video projection, evening : «mental architectures»
2006 / may, Video projection, Carré d’art, Nîmes
2006 / may, Festival of french cinema, Jakarta, Indonésie
2006 / june, Storylines, Kunstraum, München
2006 / june, A retro-perspective, an editorial exhibition, Pubilc>, Paris, organized by E. Renard
2006 / september, Les lacets sont défaits, video projection, Kunst Verein, Tiergarten, Berlin
2006 / september, Scenography for «the Thailand season» at the Art centrer Passerelle, Brest
2006 / september, «L’usage du monde», Museum of contemporary art of Rijeka, Croatia, organised by Anna Janevski
2006 / october, Galerie Pierogi, Leipzig
2006 / october, PULSAR, Caracas, Venezuela
2006 / october, Fano International Film Festival, Bellocchi di Fano, Italie
2006 / september, Balchik Film festival, Bulgarie / Tindirindis, Vilnius, Lituanie
2006 / november, Exhibition «Estudio Abierto» at the Correo Central of Buenos aires
2005 / november, Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, Cinéma L’entrepôt
2006 / december, Solo exhibition in «et.c», Prague, organized by Antje Weitzel
2006 / decembre, «Shaking Smooth Spaces», exhibition at La générale, organized by M.Bouteloup
2007 / january, L’atelier, Jeu de Paume, Paris, organized by Claire Jacquet
2007 / april, «Territoires en expansion», Nogent sur Marne
2007 / april, Video projection, Jeu de Paume
2007 / april, «K», Solo exhibition at Uqbar, Wedding, Berlin
2007 / april, Rencontres internationales au Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
2007 / july, Solo exhibition in La Recoleta, Centre culturel of Buenos Aires
2007 / november, Solo exhibition at École des Beaux-arts of Montpellier, Publication of an «artist book» with the Art Center of Sète

Workshop and lecture

2007 / january, Presentation of my exhibition in Jeu de Paume with «Taxi Tram»
2007 / may, Lecture on my work at Uqbar, Berlin
2007 / may, Lecture on my work at École des Beaux-Arts of Lyon
2007 / november, Workshop with the students of École des Beaux-Arts of Montpellier

Residency and grant

2001, residency in South Corea / 2006, residency at Buenos Aires, Argentina
2004, personal grant for installation / 2006, personal grant for creation


2006 / october, Special mention of the jury, Fano International Film Festival, Bellocchi di Fano, Italie
2006 / november, Candidate at the prize Gilles Dusein, proposed by Émilie Renard et Marc Donnadieu


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  • catalogue «territoires en expansion», 2007
  • in progress : catalogue Une rétro-perspective, Public>


1996 / baccalauréat littéraire arts plastiques, Bordeaux
1999 / D.N.A.P. avec félicitations, Cergy-Paris
2000 / licence théorie et histoire du cinéma avec mention bien, Paris III, Nouvelle Sorbonne
2001 / D.N.S.E.P. avec félicitations, Cergy-Paris
2002 / Post-diplôme, Lyon avec Jean-Pierre Rhem et Marie José Burki
2004 / Post-diplôme Animation, ENSAD, Paris

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