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Tamar B. Guimarães (BR/SE)
A man called love, notes from a work in process, 2007

film still

A MAN CALLED LOVE is a video essay based on Francisco Candido Xavier (1910 - 2002). Xavier was a Brazilian psychic medium and psychographer - a technique of channeling spirits in order to write - who dedicated his life to notating the words spoken to him by disembodied spirits.

Speaking about Xavier is also to speak of class, race and gender relations in Brazil and to think over the military dictatorship lasting from 1964 to 1985, the period in which
Xavier reached his greatest popularity.

Formally, the work is indebted to essay films and to the work of Chris Marker. The still images were assembled from public archives in the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and span a period from the late 19th century to the late 1970s.

The project will be further developed into an installation comprising a silent 16 mm projection and a slide projection with voice over.

Voice: Charlotte McGowan-Griffin
Sound: Jasmine Guffond



TAMAR B. GUIMARÃES Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Lives and works in Copenhagen and Malmö.


07 Whitney Independent Study Program, New York
06 - 07 MA of Fine Arts and Critical Studies, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
05 - 06 MA of Fine Arts, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
02 - 04 Guest student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark
99 - 02 Goldsmiths College, University of London: Fine Art, BA Honours
97 - 98 Oxfordshire School of Art and Design: BTEC/Foundation Art and Design
96 - 97 Rewley House, (University of Oxford): Film Studies
96 - 97 Rewley House, (University of Oxford): Sociological Analysis and Research Methods

Exhibitions and projects

Summer School, Organized by HOMEWORKS, PS122 Gallery, New York.
Larm Festival, Kulturhuset, Stockholm.
LOOP, Film Festival, Barcelona.
Parlour Room, Co-organizer of temporary project space, Copenhagen.
Unravelled, Signal-to-Noise Festival, Malmö.
Filmklubben, Orionbion, Stockholm.
G. A., Seoul, Korea. 2nd KargART video festival, Istanbul, Turkey.
Reading Aloud, in collaboration with Jee Eun Kim, Overgaden, Copenhagen.
Thinking Aloud, in collaboration with Nanna Buhl, Overgaden, Copenhagen.
ION Film festival, fringe to the 63rd Venice film festival, Lido, Venice.
Hetero Utopia: Mapping the Urban Terrain, Soemardja Gallery – ITB, Bandung,
Indonesia. Contemporary Video from Brazilian Artists, Kunst-Werke, Berlin.
Esplanaden 2006 Den Frie, Copenhagen.
Rethinking Nordic Colonialism: A Postcolonial Exhibition Project in Five Acts, Nuuk, Greenland, Curated by Kuratorisk Aktion and NIFCA: The Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art.
KargART screenings, Istanbul, Turkey.
Oleanna at Utopia Station (with Martha Rosler and the Oleanna group) at Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Populism Talk Series: four evenings of discussion on the topic of populism. Co-organized in collaboration with The Populism Exhibition Project, Nifca, Grunduddannelsen, Lotte Petersen and Teori og Formidling at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. For info see: www.mediaart.dk/populism_cph
Homebase, Akishima-shi, Tokyo, Japan. Copenhagen Art Fair, I-N-K stand.
Oleanna at Utopia Station (with Martha Rosler and the Oleanna group), Munich Kunstverein.
Fristad København, I-N-K (Institut for Nutidkunst), Copenhagen.
Who’s the Story Teller, Kiasma museum (Helsinki), Kongliga
Konsthögskolan (Stockholm), Bergen Kunsthall and Overgaden (Copenhagen).
Homebase, Akishima-shi, Tokyo.
50th Venice Biennale (with Martha Rosler and the Oleanna group), Venice, Italy.
Istanbul Student Triennial, Turkey.
RANDOM-IZE Film and Video Festival, Taipei, Taiwan.
At a time when they were friends, Q Gallery, Copenhagen.
Outpost, Film and Video Festival, Herefordshire, UK.
Danger Museum archive, Soft Season, at The Space@ inIVA (Institute of International Visual Arts) London.
Homebase, Akishima-shi, Tokyo, Japan.
Island Film Festival, Docklands and Greenwich Festival, London.
RANDOM-IZE Film and Video Festival, SOVI ART Centre, London.
Graduation exhibition, Goldsmiths College, London.
Elephant and Castle Spectacular, Elephant and Castle Shopping Cent., London.
Conversations, Goldsmith College, London, UK.
Studio B, Goldsmith College, London, UK.
Sound sculpture at Shotover Park, Oxford, UK.

Publications and press

LARM Archives: www.larm-festival.se
Denmark with other eyes, Kristine Kern, Politiken and iByen, 27th November Rethinking Nordic Colonialism, DVD box set, Nifca publication.
Funktionell minnesförlust och kritiska positioner, Ö. Durmusoglu, Pelleten konsttidskift, #265.
Kult: En temaserie for overløbere, Institut for Sprog og Kultur, Roskilde Universitet, DK.
Dictionary, a project by Mia Rosasco, Kristina Ask, Christian Hillesø and M. Rasmussen.
Rethinking Nordic Colonialism, Tom Morris, Art Review, UK, June issue.
Ett idéhistoriskt fyrverkeri, Dan Jönsson, Dagens Nyheter og DN Kultur, SE, 29. April.
Rethinking Nordic Colonialism, User guide, Nifca publication.
Who’s the Story Teller, Nifca/Kuno publication. Video library, Konstfack Stockholm.
Video magazine compilation, Kirkhoff Gallery Videotec.
Less than more, Nochlin, Linda. Artforum, September issue.
50th Venice Biennale, Kopsa, Maxine and Jürgensen, Jacob Dahl, Frieze, issue 77.
Dreams And Conflicts; the dictatorship of the viewer, 50th Venice Biennale Catalogue, Marsilio Press.
3rd International Student Triennial Istanbul, Exhibition Catalogue, Marmara University Press.


DCA funding for Jan Leton and the Archive. NIFCA funding for Jan Leton and the Archive.
DCA funding for Populism Talk Series. NIFCA funding for Populism Talk Series.
DCA funding for The Most Beautiful Place. 1999 Southern Arts funding for sound sculpture at Shotover Park, Oxford, UK.

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