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Isil Egrikavuk (TR/US)
Infamous library, 2006

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“I am in constant search of tactics to deconstruct, question and reconstruct information I come across everyday, linguistic and visually. My subject matter is socially and culturally engaged; heavily influenced by that of media and history, yet avoiding didacticism. I work in between different mediums of video, writing and performance, combining the means of fiction and reality.”

“Infamous library is an interview with a trauma survivor, who has been kidnapped and held captive in a library for two years. The conversation unfolds itself as the dialogue between the interviewer and interviewee tenses up and blends into a perplexing subject.”
[Isil Egrikavuk]



Isil Egrikavuk is born and raised in Turkey. She is currently working towards an MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


MFA in Performance (2006- …)
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
BA in Western Literature (1998-2003)
Bogazici University, Istanbul-Turkey

Selected exhibitions

Karsi Sanat, Istanbul (expected-October)
Group Show.
Aksanat,Istanbul (expected- September)
Hybrid Narratives, Group Show
PiST, Istanbul
Snapshot, Performance/Video Installation
PiST, Istanbul
Reporting From the Border #2, Performance.
Chicago Art Department, Chicago
Reporting From the Border #1, Performance
“Re-Do It” Performance Symposium, SAIC, Chicago
“Point of View.” Performance.
Links Hall, Chicago
“No Reason To Lie.” Performance.
Peter Jones Gallery, Chicago
“Artifacts.” Installation.
Gallery 2, Chicago
“Pastiche/Parody.” Performance/Sound Installation.
Three Arts Club, Chicago
“Anonymous Dialogues/Reflections.” Performance.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
“Musicircus.” Performance in collaboration with Jozef Amado.
Anonymous Dialogues, Sarah’s Circle
Process-oriented community project in collaboration with the residents of Sarah’s Circle.
Base Space Performance Days, SAIC
“Mute.” Performance.
Gallery 2, Chicago
“Freedom” Solo performance/installation.
1926 Gallery, Chicago
“ Join” in collaboration with Jozef Amado.
Base Space Performance Days, SAIC
“Beauty Queen.” Performance, “Touch.” Performance.

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