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Andrea Dojmi (IT)
Alan walks to a Red point, 2007

film still

The “RED point” was our special home spot, when kids.
We imagined to be in poligonal space, kinda of spacelab, a sort of misterious factory in the country.
We had our degrees, rules and activities to follow, We changed our names.
Everything was so weird, and nobody knew about our place, neither the new members of our little group. since we used to head them to the point. It was our remote, hidden site.
When the kids left the RED point, I guess they left childhood, too.
I prefer to talk about “spaces”, real or mental sites, rather than memories and lost times.
So it was childhood. A far and safe place where I have been, when kid.
[Andrea Dojmi]



Andrea Dojmi's artistic research is based on the use of different medias such as photography, super 16mm film, super8, single 8 - japanese format - music, installations and performances.
the main focus of the research is on tension between infancy and the formal education system, community and nature, dimension of experiment and habitat.
In doing this Andrea Dojmi develops cycles of work, following a sort of scientific method of research although open to new and unexpected ways.
Dojmi’s Films are often a sort of non-documentary documentary works, where the themes of nature, religious experiences and human progress interweave, pervaded by a constant and unsettling serenity that at moments reveals tragedy.
Andrea Dojmi’s installations are based on creating hybrid ambiences that blend formal structures of Education like schools, gyms, furnitures, tools, with common spaces like mess halls and chapels of modern or experimental communities and training camps. Dojmi is inspired by the architectural structures of these fringe communities, from the Mormons to various post New Age practices.
His aim is not to judge or interpret their philosophy, but to observe it as a phenomenon.

Among the last exhibitions

NO PLACE LIKE HOME (2), Stadtgalerie, - PROGR -, Bern, Switzerland
VIDEO DANCE FESTIVAL 2007 (Thessaloniky Film Festival), Athens-Thessaloniky
FF >>FORWARD FENDI, Fondazione Fendi, Rome.
VIEWOVER/OVERVIEW photofestival, Milan
SIGNAL / advanced music and cross-media art festival, Cagliari
VIDEO REPORT ITALIA 2004_05, GC.AC, Monfalcone (GO)
NICHOLE EDUCATION (The beavers valley), Klerkx Galley, Milan
VIDEO INVITATIONAL #2, ViaFarini, Milano
NETMAGE FESTIVAL 06, Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna
AIMREADY (7 educational filmstrips), Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena
AIMREADY (The Holy Church of Marmots), Spazio Lima, Milan
CLUB, Locarno Film Festival, Locarno, Switzerland

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